Session 06. Welfare free communications

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Date: 28 August 2017; 08:30 – 12:15 hours
Chairperson: H.A.M. Spoolder

Theatre Session 06

Optimisation of claw traits evaluation in accordance to claw and metabolic disorder of dairy cows
Vlček, M.; Kasarda, R.

Genetic evaluation of claw health – challenges and recommendations
Heringstad, B.; Egger-Danner, C.; Stock, K.F.; Pryce, J.E.; Gengler, N.; Charfeddine, N.; Cole, J.B.

Evaluation of different data sources for genetic improvement of claw health in Austrian Fleckvieh (Simmental) and Brown Swiss cattle
Egger-Danner, C.; Koeck, A.; Kofler, J.; Burgstaller, J.; Steininger, F.; Fuerst, C.; Fuerst-Waltl, B.

Assessment of the footbaths contamination by dairy cattle manures under field conditions.
Ariza, J.M.; Bareille, N.; Oberle, K.; Guatteo, R.

Gender and seasonal differences in bone mineral density in swine
Bernau, M.; Schrott, J.; Schwanitz, S.; Kreuzer, L.S.; Scholz, A.M.

Verification of the sample size of the Welfare Quality® protocol applied to sows and piglets
Friedrich, L.; Czycholl, I.; Kemper, N.; Krieter, J.

Validity of behavioural scans included in the Welfare Quality® protocol for growing pigs
Czycholl, I.; Büttner, K.; Krieter, J.

Effects of farrowing and rearing systems on welfare indicators of growing and finishing pigs
Szulc, A.; Lambertz, C.; Gauly, M.; Traulsen, I.

Prevalence of health and welfare issues in the weaner and finisher stages on 31 Irish pig farms
Van Staaveren, N.; Hanlon, A.; Calderón Díaz, J.A.; Boyle, L.

An ethogram of biter and bitten weaner pigs during ear biting events
Diana, A.; Carpentier, L.; Piette, D.; Boyle, L.; Tullo, E.; Guarino, M.; Norton, T.; Berckmans, D.

Influence of crude fibre in feed percentage in piglets ration on tail biting in weaned piglets
Honeck, A.; Czycholl, I.; Burfeind, O.; Krieter, J.

The impact of straw ration on tail biting and other pig directed behaviours in undocked growing pigs
Wallgren, T.; Larsen, A.; Gunnarsson, S.

Behavioural adaptation of growing pigs to illuminated and dark pen compartments
Ebschke, S.; Koch, P.; Von Borell, E.

Relationships among mortality, performance, and disorder traits in broiler chickens
Invited Lourenco, D.A.L.; Zhang, X.; Tsuruta, S.; Andonov, S.; Sapp, R.L.; Wang, C.; Misztal, I.


Poster Session 06

A pipeline to annotate PDF documents with different ontology concepts related to farm animal welfare
Melzer, N.; Trißl, S.; Zebunke, M.; Joppich, M.; Zimmer, R.

Responses of bone ash content and bone strength in pigs and poultry on dietary mineral concentration
Bikker, P.; Spek, W.; Nicolaiciuc, C.V.; Millet, S.; Van Krimpen, M.M.

Effects of stocking density on feather pecking and aggressive behaviors in Thai crossbred chickens
Na-Lampang, P.; Hou, X.

Effect of housing system on the behaviour of laying hens during elevated temperatures
Sosnówka-Czajka, E.; Herbut, E.; Skomorucha, I.

Effect of flooring type in the farrowing crate on reasons for piglet mortality
Van Staaveren, N.; Marchewka, J.; Bertram, M.; Calderón Díaz, J.A.

A combined approach for assessing pain in horses with acute laminitis: facial expressions and miRNA
Lecchi, C.; Canali, E.; Ceciliani, F.; Dalla Costa, E.; Dai, F.; Ferrante, V.; Minero, M.; Stucke, D.; Lebelt, D.