Session 07. Mixed crop/livestock systems – do they deliver more resilient food systems

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Theatre Session

How to re-implement synergies between crops and livestock farming?
J.L. Peyraud and A. Nanda

Development of plants with improved composition for animal nutrition and the environment
M.R.F. Lee and J. Napier

Reducing the feed and food competition: perspectives and best practices
M. Schulman

Novel feed from crops and crop residues – vision from the feeding industry
R. Tijssens

Animal breeding towards the valuation of new feed
L. Verschuren

Phenotypes for grass utilisation and persistence under grazing to improve grass breeding
T. Tubritt, L. Shallo and M. O’Donovan

Improving resilience of organic beef-sheep farming systems
C. Mosnier, N. Moufid, F. Joly and M. Benoit

Does integration promote sustainability in organic multi-species livestock farms
M. Benoit, L. Steinmetz, D. Ulukan, G. Bernes, C. Brock, A. De La Foye, B. Dumont, M. Grillot, M.A. Magne, T. Meischner, M. Moerman, L. Monteiro, B. Oehen, D. Parsons, R. Primi, L. Shanz, P. Veysset, C. Winckler and G. Martin

Pulses and oilseed rape for food and feed
O. Sass

Panel discussion
J.L. Peyraud and M. Scholten