Session 08. Young Train – Dairy innovation in research and extension

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Date: 28 August 2017; 14:00 – 17:45 hours
Chairperson: P.Aad / A.Kuipers

Theatre Session 08

Influence of live weight and genotype on efficiency of dairy cows
Ledinek, M.; Gruber, L.; Steininger, F.; Fuerst-Waltl, B.; Royer, M.; Krimberger, K.; Zottl, K.; Egger-Danner, C.

Utility of whole genome sequence data for across breed genomic prediction
Raymond, B.; Bouwman, A.C.; Schrooten, C.; Houwing-Duistermaat, J.; Veerkamp, R.F.

Effect of Semen pharbitidis on Ruminal Methane Production and Bacterial Abundance – In Situ Approach
Rajaraman, B.D.; Lee, C.H.; Woo, Y.W.; Kim, K.H.

Temporal changes in gene expression during CLA induced milk fat depression in lactating dairy cow
Abdelatty, A.M.; Iwaniuk, M.E.; Garcia, M.; Moyes, K.C.; Teter, B.B.; Delmonte, P.; Tony, M.A.; Mohamed, F.F.; Erdman, R.A.

On-farm mortality and related risk factors in Estonian dairy cows
Reimus, K.; Orro, T.; Emanuelson, U.; Viltrop, A.; Mõtus, K.

Ruminal biohydrogenation of linolenic acid according to the lipid source: a meta-analysis approach
A. Prado, L.O.; Ferlay, A.; Nozière, P.; Schmidely, P.

Effects of Fusarium toxin contaminated diets on dairy cow health and performance
Hop, G.E.; Counotte, G.H.M.; Carp – Van Dijken, S.; Van Den Broek, K.W.H.; Junker, K.; Scolamacchia, F.; Velthuis, A.G.J.

A comparison of the in vitro ACE inhibitory capacity of dairy and plant proteins
Giromini, C.; Fekete, A.A.; Baldi, A.; Givens, D.I.; Lovegrove, J.A.

Effect of diet supplement in dairy cow with grape pomace on quality of milk and Caciotta cheese
Castellani, F.; Vitali, A.; Marone, E.; Palazzo, F.; Grotta, L.; Martino, G.

A quarter level approach to monitor recovery after clinical mastitis
Adriaens, I.; Huybrechts, T.; Piepers, S.; Saeys, W.; De Ketelaere, B.; Aernouts, B.

Microbiological quality of milk on farms, during transport, processing stages and in milk powder
Paludetti, L.F.; Kelly, A.L.; Gleeson, D.

Methane emission in Jersey cows during spring transition from in-door feeding to grazing
Szalanski, M.; Kristensen, T.; Difford, G.; Løvendahl, P.; Lassen, J.

Proteasome activity and expression of E3 ubiquitin ligases in muscle of periparturient dairy cows
Yang, Y.; Sauerwein, H.; Prehn, C.; Adamski, J.; Rehage, J.; Dänicke, S.; Saremi, B.; Sadri, H.

Use of milk progesterone profile to predict reproduction status in dairy cows
Adriaens, I.; Huybrechts, T.; De Ketelaere, B.; Saeys, W.; Aernouts, B.


Poster Session 08

Phenotypic and genetic correlations between workability and milk production traits in Polish HF cows
Szymik, B.; Topolski, P.; Jagusiak, W.; Jakiel, M.

Genetic parameters for calving traits in Polish Holstein-Friesian heifers
Jakiel, M.; Żarnecki, A.; Szymik, B.

Rennet coagulation properties of bulk milk and its effect on Edam type cheese yield
Jõudu, I.; Henno, M.; Ots, M.; Mootse, H.

Genetics of protein fractions and free amino acids predicted by mid-infrared spectroscopy
Visentin, G.; Mcdermott, A.; Berry, D.P.; De Marchi, M.; Fenelon, M.A.; Penasa, M.; Mcparland, S.