Session 09. Feeding the gut: from microbiome to models

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Theatre Session

Clustering of the faecal microbiome during stressful phases in carnitine supplemented dairy cows
J. Tröscher-Mußotter, J.S. Saenz, D. Borda-Molina, S. Grindler, S. Dänicke, J. Frahm, A. Camarinha-Silva, K. Huber and J. Seifert

Microalgae Schizochytrium spp.: a game-changer in goats’ rumen microbiome
A. Mavrommatis, D. Skliros, E. Flemetakis and E. Tsiplakou

Unrevealing the effect of seaweeds on rumen bacterial and archaeal microbiota
T. Yergaliyev, S. Künzel, Á. Pétursdóttir, D.J. Humphries, C. Reynolds, M. Rodehutscord and A. Camarinha-Silva

Association between in situ rumen kinetics and in vitro gas production of corn silage nutrients
I. Ansia, R. Walvoort, A. Santos, B.M. Tas, J.A. Metcalf, H. Van Laar and W. Pellikaan

Determination of linoleic acid requirements for dairy cows using a meta-analysis approach
P. Denis, A. Ferlay, P. Nozière, C. Gerard and P. Schmidely

In vitro digestion and Ussing chamber to investigate nutrient effects on intestinal physiology
M. Tretola, P. Silacci, R. Sousa, L. Egger, F. Colombo, M. Ottoboni, L. Pinotti and G. Bee

Ex vivo intestinal model for the evaluation of nutrient bioaccessibility
M. Dell’Anno, F. Acocella, P. Riccaboni and L. Rossi

Role of short chain fatty acids to counteract inflammatory stress in mucus secreting HT29-MTX cells
C. Giromini, A. Baldi, R. Rebucci, T.S. Sundaram and S. Purup

Anti-protozoal efficacy of pine bark extracts against Cryptosporidium parvum in cell culture
B. Blomstrand, H. Enemark, Ø. Øines, H. Steinshamn, I. Aasen, K.-C. Mahnert, K. Sørheim, S. Athanasiadou, S. Thamsborg and I. Woolsey

Poster Session

Industrial by-products as alternative to cereals do not impair piglets gut microbiota
M. Tretola, A. Luciano, M. Ottoboni, M. Manoni, M. Comi, F. Fumagalli, N. Rovere and L. Pinotti

Silage type but not Acacia mearnsii supplementation influences rumen microbiota of dairy cows
G. Lazzari, A. Camarinha Silva, J. Seifert, S. Schrade and F. Dohme-Meier

Modelling multiple scenarios of glyphosate speciation in rumen fluid of dairy cattle
J.L. Vicini, T.H. Klusmeyer and W.R. Harris

In vitro study of the effect of riboflavin on hindgut microbial fermentation in pigs
Z. Amanzougarene, E. Pérez-Calvo, G. De La Fuente and M. Fondevila

Low variability in gene expression of intestinal organoids and original tissue in pigs
D. Schokker, H. Woelders, R. Rikkers, S.K. Kar, O. Madsen, A. Taverne, N. Taverne, J. Wells and E. Ellen