Session 09. Genomics and genetic evaluation in small ruminants

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Date: 28 August 2017; 14:00 – 17:30 hours
Chairperson: J. Conington / A. Cecchinato

Theatre Session 09

Imputation accuracy from a low density SNP panel in 5 dairy sheep breeds in France
Larroque, H.; Chassier, M.; Saintilan, R.; Astruc, J.-M.

Correlation between genomic predictions based on female nucleus and traditional EBV in Sarda sheep
Usai, M.G.; Casu, S.; Salaris, S.L.; Sechi, T.; Sechi, S.; Miari, S.; Carta, P.; Carta, A.

Genetic parameter estimations for feed intake in UK dairy goats
Desire, S.; Mucha, S.; Mrode, R.; Coffey, M.; Broadbent, J.; Conington, J.

Optimization of Swiss dairy goat breeding programs: modelling of different variations with ZPLAN
Hiltpold, M.M.; Gredler-Grandl, B.; Willam, A.; Fürst-Waltl, B.; Moll, J.; Neuenschwander, S.; Bangerter, E.; Bapst, B.

Genomic evaluation models including casein and/or SNP50K information in French dairy goat population
Teissier, M.; Larroque, H.; Robert-Granié, C.

Global experiences with genetic and genomic improvement in small ruminants
Byrne, T.J.; Amer, P.R.

Genetic parameters of litter size and weight in Finnsheep ewes
Sevón-Aimonen, M.-L.; Ahlskog, K.; Kause, A.

From animal genetics to human medical research: Day blind sheep as a model for vision gene therapy
Gootwine, E.; Banin, E.; Seroussi, E.; Honig, H.; Rosov, A.; Averbukh, E.; Obolensky, A.; Yamin, E.; Ezra-Elia, R.; Ross, M.; Ye, G.J.; Shearman, M.S.; Hauswirth, W.W.; Ofri, R.

Genetic evaluation of Awassi sheep for some growth traits
Jawasreh, K.I.Z.; Iye, F.H.

Identifying Signature of Selection in three Iranian Sheep Breeds
Pouraskari, M.; Harkinezhad, T.; Zandi, M.B.

Genomic Structure of Iranian Sheep Breed by Whole Genome Survey
Nabilo, P.; Zandi, M.B.; Harkinezhad, T.

Phylogenetic studies of six Egyptian sheep breeds
Othman, O.T.H.M.A.N.E.L.M.A.H.D.Y.; Khodary, M.U.H.A.M.M.A.D.; Germot, A.G.N.E.S.; Petit, D.A.N.I.E.L.; Maftah, A.B.D.E.R.R.A.H.M.A.N.


Poster Session 09

The effect of divergent selection for a composite trait on genetic responses in components
Cloete, S.W.P.; Van Wyk, J.B.; Olivier, J.J.

Optimal contribution selection applied to the Norwegian Cheviot sheep population
Kjetså, M.H.; Jakobsen, J.H.; Dagnachew, B.S.; Meuwissen, T.H.E.

Preliminary results for lifetime production of Pag sheep in Croatia
Špehar, M.; Dražić, M.; Mulc, D.; Barać, Z.

Ewe reproduction affected by crossbreeding Corriedale and Dohne Merino
De Barbieri, I.; Montossi, F.; Ciappesoni, G.

Selection signatures of fat tail in sheep
Moioli, B.; Pilla, F.; Portolano, B.; Mastrangelo, S.; Ciani, E.

Phenotypic and Genetic Parameters of Growth Traits of the Fat Tail Barbarine Sheep Breed
Ben Abdallah, I.; Hamrouni, A.; Djemali, M.

Slovak Dairy sheep: formation of composite breed and its characterization
Margetín, M.; Mačuhová, L.; Oravcová, M.; Janíček, M.; Huba, J.

Purebreeding of Red Maasai and crossbreeding with Dorper sheep in different environments in Kenya
Zonabend König, E.; Strandberg, E.; Ojango, J.M.K.; Mirkena, T.; Okeyo, A.M.; Philipsson, J.

Genomic characterization of two Greek goat breeds using microarray chips
Michailidou, S.; Argiriou, A.; Tsangaris, G.; Banos, G.; Arsenos, G.

Genomic characterization of three Greek sheep breeds using microarray chips
Michailidou, S.; Argiriou, A.; Tsangaris, G.; Banos, G.; Arsenos, G.

Alternative breeding values for litter size in Romney sheep
Schmidova, J.; Milerski, M.

Involvement of the FecXGr mutation in the high prolificacy of the Flemish sheep breed in Belgium
Meyermans, R.; Chantepie, L.; Fabre, S.; Woloszyn, F.; Sarry, J.; Buys, N.; Bodin, L.; Janssens, S.

Identification of diacylglycerol acyltransfrase 1 (DGAT 1) gene polymorphism and association studies
Hedayat Evrigh, N.; Nourouzi, Z.

Breeding Finnsheep in Finland
Mero, H.; Ahlskog, K.

Transcriptome analysis uncovers cholesterol and sterol biosynthetic pathways in sheep litter size
Shariati Gazgazare, P.; Masoudi, A.A.; Vaez Torshizi, R.; Ehsani, A.; Ebrahimi, E.