Session 10. Early career competition: stressing innovation in pig and poultry industry

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Theatre Session

The level of hemicelluloses in lactating sow diets affects milk composition
F. Palumbo, G. Bee, P. Trevisi, R. Badertscher, C. Egger and M. Girard

Sows diet enriched with BCAA and/or Arg lead to an improvement of sow’ and piglet’ performance
F. Correa, P. Trevisi, D. Luise, H. Ohara, A. Simongiovanni, T. Chalvon-Demersay and P. Bosi

Differences in enzyme activity between piglets fed dry feed or liquid feed prior to weaning
J.G. Madsen, N. Byrgesen, M.S. Cilieborg and C. Amdi

Understanding piglets’ intestinal microbiome changes caused by zinc oxide and apramycin
J.M. Ortiz-Sanjuán, H. Argüello, R. Cabrera-Rubio, F. Crispie, P.D. Cotter, J.J. Garrido and E.G. Manzanilla

Blood serum metabolites and faecal VFA as tools to detect unbalanced diets in grower-finisher pigs
J. Camp Montoro, D. Solà-Oriol, R. Muns and E.G. Manzanilla

Can genotyping and breeding value estimation for hens increase efficiency of layer breeding?
L. Büttgen, H. Simianer and T. Pook

Genetic study of social interaction models for the predictability of overall biting in gilts
N.G. Leite, E.F. Knol, S. Nuphaus, S. Tsuruta and D. Lourenco

Influence of sex on endogenous antioxidant defences in broiler chickens, a new perspective?
P. Engler, E. Richard and A. Benarbia

Dietary protein and ractopamine effects on boar taint and testes parameters of immunocastrated pigs
T. Needham, R. Gous, H. Lambrechts, E. Pieterse and L. Hoffman

Effect of straw distribution method on pig behaviour
T. Wallgren and S. Gunnarsson

Effect of lameness on feed intake and growth performance of grow-finisher pigs
J. Camp Montoro, L. Boyle, A. Levacher and E.G. Manzanilla

Applying metabolomics for revealing novel biomarkers and metabolic fingerprints of welfare in pigs
L. Morgan, R. Birkler, S. Shaham-Niv, T. Wachsman, M. Bateson and E. Gazit

An economic and environmental optimization model for pig-fattening units using a carbon tax
M. Davoudkhani, F. Mahé, J.Y. Dourmad, A. Gohin, E. Darrigrand and F. Garcia-Launay

Poster Session

Attempts to assess the onset of sexual maturity in finishing boars
S. Niedersüß, R. Eisenreich, J. Dodenhoff, A. Rieger, S. Roiger, M. Heudecker and R. Fries

A blend of active compounds (Fresh Up) to mitigate heat stress in lactating sows
E. Janvier, B. Freitas, S. Putrino, F. Payola, C. Launay, E. Schetelat, F. Guillard and A. Samson

Genetic analysis of protein efficiency in Swiss Large White pigs
E.O. Ewaoluwagbemiga, H. Pausch, G. Bee and C. Kasper