Session 11. Low carbon animal nutrition: methane emission and climate

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Theatre Session

Enteric methane mitigation in dairy cattle via feeding strategies
D. Van Wesemael, J. Van Mullem, L. Vandaele, S. De Campeneere, T. Van De Gucht, V. Fievez and N. Peiren

Effect of feed strategies on the carbon footprint and economic variables of cow-calf systems
P. Toro-Mujica

The effect of type of forage on the methane emission and performance of dairy cows: a meta-analysis
A. Rota Graziosi, L. Rapetti, X. Dai and S. Colombini

Tannins and essential oils as dietary ingredients to mitigate rumen methane and ammonia production
G. Foggi, M. Terranova, A. Cappucci, G. Conte, M. Kreuzer and M. Mele

In vitro rumen total gas and methane formation from Northern hemisphere macroalgae
M. Thorsteinsson, H.H. Hansen, N.P. Nørskov and M.O. Nielsen

Could aquatic resources help to mitigate enteric methane from ruminants?
G. Van Duinkerken, W. Muizelaar and J. Dijkstra

Feeding mixtures of seaweeds has no effect on methane emission of beef cattle
D. Humphries, Á. Pétursdóttir, S. Künzel, M. Rodehutscord, L. Ford and C. Reynolds

Mitigation extent of GHG emissions in Sardinia dairy sheep farms by forage quality improvement
P. Sau, M.F. Lunesu, P. Arca, M.G. Serra, E. Vagnoni, A. Franca, G. Molle, M. Decandia, P. Duce and A.S. Atzori

Life cycle assessment (LCA) of Simmenthal cattle organic farms in Italy
E. D’Agaro, S. Mattiussi and F. Rosa

Poster Session

Methane emission by alpacas and sheep grazing Andean natural grasslands during dry season
G. Gómez, T. Huanca, K. Salazar and C. Gómez

The effect of natural essential oils and synthetic essential oils on ruminal fermentation
A. Martín, L. Abdennebi-Najar, R. Ksouri, I. Mateos, M.J. Ranilla, S. López, F.J. Giráldez and S. Andrés

Tradilin™ in dairy cow diet also leads to a decrease in enteric methane emission
S. Mendowski, V. Chatellier and G. Chesneau

Condensed tannins from Sainfoin (Onobrychis viciifolia): effects on in vitro ruminal parameters
S. Lobón, C. Baila, M. Blanco, I. Casasús and M. Joy

Rumen ciliates and methane production of beef bulls fed a biodiverse haylage, low-starch Mixed Diets
A.E. Francisco, A. Vaz-Portugal, K. Paulos, J. Santos-Silva and M.T. Dentinho

How much the introduction of legume-based forage can mitigate climate change in a sheep farm?
M.F. Lunesu, A.S. Atzori, A. Ledda, P. Sau, F. Lai, R. Rubattu, A. Mazza, A. Fenu, F. Correddu and A. Cannas

Response in blood methemoglobin level in dairy cows supplemented with dietary nitrate
M. Maigaard, M.R. Weisbjerg, M. Johansen and P. Lund

Effect of tannins in Onobrychis and Quercus robur on in vitro ruminal gas and ammonia formation
H. Sutter, K. Schweingruber, M. Terranova and M. Schick