Session 12. Improving health and welfare through precision farming

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Date: 28 August 2017; 14:00 – 17:00 hours
Chairperson: T. Norton / H.A.M Spoolder

Theatre Session 12

Precision Livestock Farming and animal welfare
Invited Veissier, I.; Mialon, M.M.; Meunier, B.; Silberberg, M.; Nielsen, P.; Blokhuis, H.; Halachmi, I.

Validation of an electronic herd control system for grazing dairy cows
Grodkowski, G.; Sakowski, T.; Puppel, K.; Van Meurs, K.; Baars, T.

Associations between precision sensor data and subjectively scored cattle welfare indicators
Jaeger, M.; Brügemann, K.; Kuhlig, B.; Baars, T.; Brandt, H.; König, S.

Cow’s behavioural activities and milk yield monitoring as early indicators of health events
Peña Fernández, A.; Sloth, K.H.; Norton, T.; Klimpel, S.; Berckmans, D.

Effects of body part determination or animal behavior on measuring traits from 3D data of dairy cows
Salau, J.; Haas, J.H.; Junge, W.; Thaller, G.

Development of an Automatized Method to Improve Heat Detection in Large Dairy Cattle Herds
Jemmali, I.; Lakhoua, N.; Jabri, I.; Djemali, M.; Annabi, M.

The use of sensor technology to track and monitor animals in a group to reduce damaging behaviour
Ellen, E.D.; De Haas, E.N.; Peeters, K.; Visser, B.; Van Der Zande, L.E.; Knijn, H.; Borg, R.; Rodenburg, T.B.

An app assessing animal welfare through animal-based measures
Michel, L.; Guillon-Kroon, C.; Doublet, T.; Bignon, L.; Courboulay, V.; Bareille, N.; Guatteo, R.; Salaun, M.-C.; Legrand, A.

Research priorities on use of sensor technologies to improve dairy farming
Onyango, J.

What do European farmers think about Precision Livestock Farming?
Hartung, J.; Banhazi, T.; Vranken, E.; Guarino, M.; Berckmans, D.

Automatic estimation of number of piglets in a pen during farrowing, using image analysis
Oczak, M.; Maschat, K.; Berckmans, D.; Vranken, E.; Baumgartner, J.


Posters Session 12

A field study to determine the incidence of subclinical and clinical ketosis in Finnish dairy farms
Anttila, A.M.; Fält, J.; Huhtamäki, T.; Perasto, S.; Morri, S.

The role of the health control questionnaires about diagnosis of metabolic diseases in dairy herds
Liepa, L.; Sematovica, I.

Effect of breed, milkability and season on the temperature of the milk of dairy cows.
Uhrinčať, M.; Brouček, J.; Mačuhová, L.; Tančin, V.