Session 12. Single-step genomic evaluation

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Theatre Session

Detecting effective starting point of genomic selection by divergent trends from BLUP and ssGBLUP
I. Misztal, R. Abdollahi-Arpanahi and D. Lourenco

Impact of preselection on subsequent ssGBLUP evaluations of pigs
I. Jibrila, J. Vandenplas, J. Ten Napel, R. Bergsma, R.F. Veerkamp and M.P.L. Calus

Modelling genetic differences of combined broiler chicken populations in single-step GBLUP
M. Bermann, D. Lourenco, V. Breen, R. Hawken, F. Brito Lopes and I. Misztal

Unknown-parent group and metafounder models for missing pedigree in single-step genomic BLUP
Y. Masuda, S. Tsuruta and I. Misztal

GEBV and h2 of milk traits in a nucleus of Sarda ewes depend on a matrix weight in ssGBLUP
S. Salaris, M.G. Usai, S. Casu and A. Carta

Integration of MACE information into single-step evaluations for conformation in Brown Swiss
E.C.G. Pimentel, C. Edel, D. Krogmeier, R. Emmerling and K.-U. Götz

Interim genomic prediction for young genotyped animals for different single-step evaluations
J. Vandenplas, R. Bergsma and M.P.L. Calus

Single step evaluation for resistance to ketosis in a Brown Swiss cattle population
A.M. Butty, U. Schuler, M. Spengeler and P. Von Rohr

Implementation of single-step evaluations for fitness traits in Fleckvieh and Brown Swiss
J. Himmelbauer, H. Schwarzenbacher and C. Fuerst

Multi-breed genomic evaluation for dairy cattle in the US using single-step GBLUP
A. Cesarani, D. Lourenco, Y. Masuda, S. Tsuruta, A. Legarra, E. Nicolazzi, P. Vanraden and I. Misztal

Breeding value reliabilities for multiple-trait single-step genomic BLUP
H. Ben Zaabza, M. Taskinen, T. Pitkänen, G.P. Aamand, E.A. Mäntysaari and I. Strandén

Evaluation of accuracy and bias of beef cattle international single-step genomic evaluations
R. Bonifazi, M.P.L. Calus, J. Ten Napel, A. Michenet, S. Savoia, A. Cromie, A. Roozen, R.F. Veerkamp and J. Vandenplas

A fast method for approximating reliabilities in genomic BLUP
M. Bermann, D. Lourenco, Y. Masuda and I. Misztal

Poster Session

An approach to reduce computing time in multi-trait single-step evaluations
L.H. Maugan, T. Tribout and V. Ducrocq

Fitting the mean of genotyped individuals per breed had limited benefit for single-step evaluations
M.N. Aldridge, J. Vandenplas, J.M. Henshall, P. Duenk, R.J. Hawken and M.P.L. Calus