Session 14. New traits for new breeding goals

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Date: 29 August 2017; 14:30 – 17:45 hours
Chairperson: I.Halachmi

Theatre Session 14

Experiences with trait by trait methodology for estimating breeding objectives in cattle
Amer, P.R.; Byrn

Economic selection indexes and realized genetic change in American Angus
Invited Miller, S.P.; Retallick, K.J.; Moser, D.W.

Live weight, body condition score and reproductive performance of genetically diverse beef cows
Mc Cabe, S.; Mc Hugh, N.; O’ Connell, N.; Prendiville, R.

A preference-based approach to deriving breeding objectives in cattle
Klopčič, M.; Biermann, A.D.M.; Ule, A.

Simulating consequences of choosing a breeding goal for organic dairy cattle production
Slagboom, M.; Wallenbeck, A.; Hjortø, L.; Sørensen, A.C.; Thomasen, J.R.; Kargo, M.

Design of breeding strategies for feed efficiency in Holstein using ZPLAN+
Houlahan*, K.; Beard*, S.; Miglior, F.; Richardson, C.; Maltecca, C.; Gredler, B.; Fleming, A.; Baes, C.

Do breath gas measurements hold the key to unlocking the genetics of feed efficiency in dairy cows?
Difford, G.F.; De Haas, Y.; Visker, M.H.P.W.; Lassen, J.; Bovenhuis, H.; Veerkamp, R.F.; Løvendahl, P.

Response on claw health in breeding of Czech Holstein cattle
Krupová, Z.; Přibyl, J.; Krupa, E.; Zavadilová, L.

Keep Mixed Models Multitrait (MMM) to predict derived breeding values
Ådnøy, T.; Belay, T.K.; Dagnachew, B.S.

Application of combined decision models to investigate management strategies for local cattle breeds
Schäler, J.; Addo, S.; Thaller, G.; Hinrichs, D.


Posters Session 14

Corn yield and SPAD index in monoculture and integrated system in Estate of São Paulo, Brazil
Simili, F.F.; Bonacim, P.M.; Mendonça, G.G.; Augusto, J.G.; Paz, C.C.P.

Monoculture system production economic return as contrasted to the integrated crop-livestock system
Mendonça, G.G.; Augusto, J.G.; Bonacim, P.M.; Simili, F.F.; Gameiro, A.H.

Agronomic traits of corn in in monoculture and integrated system in Estate of São Paulo, Brazil
Simili, F.F.; Augusto, J.G.; Mendonça, G.G.; Bonacim, P.M.; Paz, C.C.P.

Efficiency of selection indices for milk flow, production and conformation traits in Holsteins
Kaart, T.; Pretto, D.; Tänavots, A.; Kiiman, H.; Pärna, E.

Genetic Associations of In-line Recorded Milkability Traits and Udder Conformation with Udder Health
Carlström, C.; Strandberg, E.; Johansson, K.; Pettersson, G.; Stålhammar, H.; Philipsson, J.

Weed management and accumulation of corn straw in integrated crop-livestock farming system
Mendonça, G.G.; Augusto, J.G.; Bonacim, P.M.; Freitas, A.P.; Simili, F.F.

Possibilities to derive economic weights in local dual-purpose cattle for novel traits
König, S.