Session 14. The Sm@RT and TechCare projects

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Theatre Session

Update on TechCare: innovative technologies to improve small ruminant welfare management
C. Morgan-Davies, C. Dwyer, J.M. Gautier, E. Gonzalez-Garcia, F. Kenyon, G. Molle, E. Sossidou, R. Carelli, I. Halachmi and E. Metuki

Developing a welfare prioritization for small ruminants – the TechCare project
C.M. Dwyer, G. Jorgensen, A. Aupiais, B. Fagot, L. Cziszter, J.M. Gautier, V. Giovanetti, I. Hansen, F. Kenyon, J.B. Menassol, C. Manca, M. Reeves, X. Such, E. Sossidou and C. Morgan-Davies

A stakeholder co-design approach for improving small ruminant welfare: the TechCare Project
E.N. Sossidou, C. Dwyer, E. González-García, I. Halachmi, J.M. Gautier, G. Caja, A. Rosati, A. Menet, S.I. Patsios, A. Barnes and C. Morgan-Davies

State-of-the-art in precision livestock farming technologies for monitoring small ruminant welfare
V. Giovanetti, G. Molle, M. Decandia, C. Manca, M. Acciaro, C. Morgan-Davies, M. Pollock, B. Fagot, J.M. Gautier, A. Elhadi, G. Caja, F. Kenyon, I. Halachmi, A. Bar Shamai, L. Grova, I. Llach, J.B. Menassol, N. Debus and E. González-García

Validation of a 3D imaging device to measure new morphological phenotype on ewes
L. Depuille, L. Delattre, A. Delpeuch, M. Duval, T. Dechaux, T. Luginbuhl, E. Doutart, C. Valadier and J.M. Gautier

Animal-based indicators to improve small ruminant welfare using precision-livestock farming
M.C. Reeves, F. Kenyon, E.M. Baxter, J.E. Martin and C.M. Dwyer

Monitoring post-weaning behaviour in Merinos d’Arles ewelambs at grazing with a walk-over-weighing
E. Leroux, I. Llach, G. Besche, J.-D. Guyonneau, O. Benoit, D. Montier, P.-M. Bouquet and E. González-García

Sm@RT: small ruminant technology – PLF and digital technology for small ruminants
C. Morgan-Davies, J.M. Gautier, F. Kenyon, L. Grova, I. Halachmi, T.W.J. Keady, A. McLaren, V. Giovanetti, P. Piirsalu and E. Gonzalez-Garcia

SmartPigHealth, flagship innovation experiment in the SmartAgriHubs project: outline and insights
J. Gerhardy, K. Weigelt, J. Aundrup, D. Staack, H. Nienhoff and H. Gerhardy