Session 15. Methods and practices to assess and improve animal welfare

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Theatre Session

Iceberg indicators for sow and piglet welfare
L. Friedrich, J. Krieter, N. Kemper and I. Czycholl

Tail posture as an early indicator of tail biting – a comparison of animal and pen level
V. Drexl, I. Dittrich, S. Diers and J. Krieter

Iceberg indicators for finishing pigs’ welfare
K. Krugmann, J. Krieter, S. Meyer-Hamme, M. Gauly, C. Kniese, C. Lambertz, L. Schrader and I. Czycholl

Animal welfare indicators for pigs – guideline and tools for on-farm self-assessment by farmers
S. Rauterberg, L. Schrader, R. Zapf, U. Schultheiß and A. Schubbert

Smart animal health – data-driven planning of animal welfare inspections
T. Kuntzer, B. Thomann, G. Schuepbach and S. Rieder

Smart animal health – health indicators for livestock
B. Thomann, H. Würbel, T. Kuntzer, B. Wechsler, C. Umstätter and G. Schüpbach-Regula

Moving hens from cages to floor: is this an economically sustainable option?
M.Z. Kritsa, P. Simitzis, K. Tsiboukas, E.N. Sossidou and M. Goliomytis

Providing environmental enrichments affects activity and performance but not leg health in broilers
J.A.J. Van Der Eijk, R. Molenaar, M. Van Krimpen, H. Van Den Brand and I.C. De Jong

Welfare assessment in veal calves fattened in ‘outdoor veal calf’ versus conventional operations
L. Moser, J. Becker, G. Schüpbach-Regula, S. Kiener, S. Grieder, N. Keil, E. Hillmann, A. Steiner and M. Meylan

A model for economic impact of animal welfare improvements at slaughter of cattle and pig
J. Jerlström

Effects of slaughtering methods on stress and post mortem changes in rainbow trout
F. Bordignon, A. Trocino, G. Xiccato, M. Birolo, F. Franchini, M. Bortoletti, E. Fiocchi, A. Manfrin and D. Bertotto

Poster Session

Citizen’s opinions regarding pig welfare conditions detected at ante-mortem inspections
D.L. Teixeira, L.C. Salazar, P. Carrasco, D. Enríquez-Hidalgo and M.J. Hötzel

Location of burrows in housing: effects on their occupation rate and health of growing rabbits
Y. Huang, D. Savietto, D. Labatut, S. Pujol, J. Breda, S. Combes, T. Gidenne and L. Fortun-Lamothe

Management practices associated with footpad dermatitis in turkey flocks
E.M. Leishman, N. Van Staaveren, B.J. Wood, A. Harlander and C.F. Baes