Session 15. Non-additivity and predicting crossbred performance in the era of genomics

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Date: 29 August 2017; 14:30 – 17:30 hours
Chairperson: H. A. Mulder

Theatre Session 15


Phantom epistasis and why big data is not always better
Invited De Los Campos, G.; Sorensen, D.; Toro, M.A.

Benefits of dominance over additive models for the estimation of average effects
Duenk, P.; Calus, M.P.L.; Wientjes, Y.C.J.; Bijma, P.

Genomic additive and dominance heritabilities for commercial traits in Nile tilapia
Joshi, R.; Woolliams, J.; Gjøen, H.M.

Genomic model with correlation between additive and dominant genetic effects
Xiang, T.; Christensen, O.F.; Legarra, A.

Scanning the genomes of parents for imprinted loci acting in their ungenotyped progeny
Blunk, I.; Mayer, M.; Reinsch, N.

On the usefulness of the prediction of total genetic values in livestock breeding programs
Martini, J.W.R.; Pook, T.; Wimmer, V.; Simianer, H.

Bivariate genomic model for backfat thickness in Duroc and crossbred DLY pigs
Christensen, O.F.; Nielsen, B.; Su, G.

Single-step GBLUP using metafounders to predict crossbred performance of laying hens
Vandenplas, J.; Calus, M.P.L.; Brinker, T.; Ellen, E.D.; Bink, M.C.A.M.; Ten Napel, J.

Crossbreds in the genomic relationship matrix using linkage disequilibrium and linkage analysis
Iversen, M.W.; Nordbø, Ø.; Gjerlaug-Enger, E.; Grindflek, E.; Lopes, M.S.; Meuwissen, T.H.E.

Optimum mating designs for exploiting dominance in genomic selection schemes for aquaculture species
Fernández, J.; Villanueva, B.; Toro, M.A.

Posters Session 15

Genomic prediction including external information on markers
Selle, M.; Mouresan, E.F.; Rönnegård, L.

Parental genetic scores to rank dairy crossbred cows in herds using ProCROSS® program
Berodier, M.; Brochard, M.; Kargo, M.; Le Mezec, P.; Minery, S.; Fogh, A.; Stålhammar, H.; Borchersen, S.; Duclos, D.

Genomics to estimate additive and dominance genetic variances in purebred and crossbred pig traits
Tusell, L.; Gilbert, H.; Vitezica, Z.G.; Mercat, M.J.; Legarra, A.; Larzul, C.

Genotype by environment interaction modelling in feed efficiency complex in MaxGro pigs
Shirali, M.; Varley, P.F.; Jensen, J.