Session 16. Recent advances in omics technologies applied to small ruminants

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Theatre Session

Using an omics-based strategy to unravel seasonal weight loss tolerance in small ruminants
A.M. Almeida

Liver transcriptomics of sensitive and heat-tolerant dairy goat phenotypes
A.A.K. Salama, S. González-Luna, M. Ramón, S. Serhan, X. Such, C. Díaz, M.J. Carabaño and G. Caja

Single-step genetic evaluation of resistance to parasites in the Swiss Alpine goat population
A.M. Butty, F. Heckendorn, M. Spengeler, F.R. Seefried and B. Bapst

Using proteomics to differentiate wool fibres in Portuguese sheep: two case studies
J.E. Plowman and A.M. Almeida

Genome-wide characterization of performance resilience to climate volatility in dairy sheep
V. Tsartsianidou, E. Sánchez-Molano, V.V. Kapsona, Z. Basdagianni, D. Chatziplis, A. Argyriadou, G. Arsenos, A. Triantafyllidis and G. Banos

Genomic inbreeding trends and the impact of ongoing selection in the Slovak Original Valachian sheep
M. Mészárosová, N. Moravčíková, M. Margetín, G. Mészáros and R. Kasarda

Implementation of genomic selection in Norwegian Dairy goats increases breeding value accuracies
J.H. Jakobsen, K.G. Dodds, H.J. Baird, J.C. McEwan and T. Blichfeldt

Variation in the CCR5 gene in Swedish goats
A.M. Johansson, S. Gunnarsson, H. Tiilikainen, T. Vanhala and E. Jonas

Comparative rumen microbiomics of livestock breeds from Portugal and Africa
G. Forcina, S. Chalbi, L. Pérez-Pardal, A. Dos Santos, J.G. Vale Carvalheira, M. Djemali, A. Gaddour, S. Bedihaf-Romdhani and A. Beja-Pereira

Genomics to breed sheep resistant to footrot
J. Storms, A. Wirth, M.L. Budnik, A.-K. Struck and O. Distl

Poster Session

Sequence-based runs of homozygosity in goats reveal genetic changes associated with domestication
H. Signer-Hasler, J. Henkel, E. Bangerter, Z. Bulut, C. Drögemüller, T. Leeb and C. Flury

Partitioning of genetic trends by flock in Istrian sheep breed
M. Spehar, J. Ramljak and A. Kasap

Genetic diversity study in the Merino da Beira Baixa Portuguese sheep using SNP data
M.F. Santos-Silva, N. Carolino, P. Cardoso, C. Oliveira E Sousa, A.P. Jacob, I. Carolino and V. Landi

Genetic differentiation of mainland-island Greek sheep: implications on detection of adaptive loci
A. Kominakis, E. Tarsani, A. Hager, I. Mastranestasis, D. Gkelia and I. Hadjigeorgiou

Scan for signatures of selection in Russian fat-tailed sheep breeds via detection of ROH islands
T. Deniskova, A. Abdelmanova, A. Dotsev, H. Reyer, M. Selionova, M. Fornara, K. Wimmers, G. Brem and N. Zinovieva