Session 17. Emission and feed management of cattle

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Date: 29 August 2017; 14:30 – 17:45 hours
Chairperson: Y. Montanholi


Theatre Session 17

Genetic Variants as Biomarkers to Evaluate Feed Efficiency in Cattle
Cohen-Zinder, M.

A life cycle assessment of dairy farms in Northern Germany within a ten years course of time
Drews, J.; Czycholl, I.; Krieter, J.

Estimation of CH4 emissions from milk MIR spectra using respiration chamber as reference technique
Vanlierde, A.; Gengler, N.; Soyeurt, H.; Grandl, F.; Kreuzer, M.; Kuhla, B.; Lund, P.; Olijhoek, D.; Ferris, C.; Dehareng, F.

Feasibility of FT-IR Milk Spectra to Predict Methane Emissions in Danish Lactating Dairy Cows
Shetty, N.; Difford, G.; Lassen, J.; Løvendahl, P.; Buitenhuis, A.J.

Protocol for measuring CH4 concentrations with the Laser Methane Detector in the breath of cows
Sorg, D.; Mühlbach, S.; Kecman, J.; Swalve, H.H.

Estimates of heritabilities for methane concentrations measured by Laser Methane Detector in the breath of lactating cows
Mühlbach, S.; Sorg, D.; Kecman, J.; Rosner, F.; Swalve, H.H.

Model comparisons of methane emissions by ruminants in relation to feed
Li, X.; Martin, C.; Kebreab, E.; Hristov, A.N.; Yu, Z.; Mcgee, M.; Yáñez-Ruiz, D.R.; Shingfield, K.J.; Bayat, A.R.; Reynolds, C.K.; Crompton, L.; Dijkstra, J.; Bannink, A.; Schwarm, A.; Kreuzer, M.; Lund, P.; Hellwing, A.L.F.; Moate, P.; Peiren, N.; Eugène, M.

Mathematical modelling of rumen pH in dairy cows
Ambriz-Vilchis, V.; Shaw, D.; Webster, M.; Macrae, A.

Trace elements in grasses and legumes in relation to cow requirements
Elgersma, A.; Søegaard, K.; Jensen, S.K.; Sehested, J.

Short term responses in feed intake and yield during concentrate regulation in dairy cows.
Henriksen, J.C.S.; Munksgaard, L.; Weisbjerg, M.R.

Carbon footprint of meat from Holstein bull calves fed four different rations
Mogensen, L.; Hellwing, A.L.F.; Lund, P.; Nielsen, N.I.; Vestergaard, M.

Posters Session 17

Enteric methane emissions from Holstein heifers and steers offered grass silage-based diets
Jiao, H.P.; Yan, T.

Investigation of ruminal bacterial diversity in Hanwoo cattle fed different diets.
Kim, M.; Jeong, J.Y.; Lee, H.J.; Baek, Y.C..

Thyme essential oil supplementation on performance and milk quality of lactating dairy cows
Silva Filho, E.C.; Roma Junior, L.C.; Salles, M.S.V.; Salles, F.A.; Ezequiel, J.M.B.; Van Cleef, E.H.C.B.