Session 17. Going beyond the Feed vs Food competition: crops and animals together to address food and nutrition security

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Theatre Session

Nutritional valorisation from plants to humans: towards One Nutrition?
R. Tijssens

Adjusting feed efficiency methodologies to valorise inedible feed and biomass from marginal land
J.L. Peyraud and A. Mottet

Evaluate the land-use efficiency of regional livestock systems from a food systems perspective
D. Hennessy, M. Schop, L. Shalloo and I.J.M. De Boer

A partial life cycle assessment of smallholder livestock systems in Western Kenya
P.W. Ndung’u, T. Takahashi, C.J.L. Du Toit, M.R. Robertson-Dean, K.B. Butterbach-Bahl, G.A. McAuliffe, L. Merbold and J.P. Goopy

Restoring or reinventing the virtuous cycle of crop-livestock integration?
S. Tarawali

Panel discussion: how to better re-implement synergies between crops and livestock farming?
J.L. Peyraud and M. Scholten