Session 18. Alpine, organic and grassland based cattle production

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Theatre Session

Ideas & solutions for mountain livestock farming – the EAAP Working Group
A. Zuliani, G. Arsenos, A. Bernués, P. Dovc, M. Gauly, Ø. Holand, B. Martin, C. Morgan-Davies, M.K. Schneider, W. Zollitsch and G. Cozzi

The relationship of local Swiss cattle populations with other local breeds from the Alps
H. Signer-Hasler, A. Bagnato, B. Maitre, M. Vevey, B. Berger, M. Simčič, D. Boichon, A. Capitan, I. Medugorac, J. Bennewitz, G. Mészáros, J. Sölkner, C. Drögemüller and C. Flury

Grazing with robust cattle breeds: an opportunity to sustainably use mountain grassland
C.M. Pauler and M.K. Schneider

Dairy calves suckled by their dams: which compromise between animal performances and welfare?
M. Bouchon, A. Nicolao, E. Sturaro, B. Martin and D. Pomies

Economic weights for beef production traits in three different fattening systems in Switzerland
J. Gearing, S. Kunz and P. Von Rohr

Feed efficiency and digestibility values of three crossbreeds in fattening bulls
A. Frick, S. Lerch, R. Siegenthaler, A. Scheurer and I. Morel

Opinion: a new research approach is needed to secure viable mountain livestock (eco-)systems
C.M. Pauler, A. Bernués, G. Cozzi, M. Gauly, Ø. Holand, T. Zanon and M.K. Schneider

Reducing concentrate feeding in organic dairy cows with the help of body condition-monitoring
A. Spengler Neff, C. Von Däniken, S. Haug and S. Probst

Replacing maize silage and concentrate by grass silage and corn-cob mix in beef cattle diets
M. Keller, M. Kreuzer, B. Reidy, A. Scheurer and K. Giller

The of use haylage-based diets for fattening of young bulls and heifers
A.E. Francisco, A. Vaz-Portugal, E. Jerónimo, M.T. Dentinho, K. Paulos, J. Almeida and J. Santos-Silva

Estimation of crossbreed beef carcass chemical composition by DXA scan of half-carcass or 11th rib
C. Xavier, I. Morel, R. Siegenthaler, F. Dohme-Meier, Y. Le Cozler and S. Lerch

Body composition estimation in cattle: comparison of imaging and adipose cell size methods
C. Xavier, C. Driesen, R. Siegenthaler, F. Dohme-Meier, Y. Le Cozler and S. Lerch

Poster Session

Resumption of postpartal ovarian activity in herbage feeding systems of dairy cows
J.J. Gross, C. Kawashima, F. Dohme-Meier, A. Miyamoto and R.M. Bruckmaier

Key figures of energy and protein metabolism in blood serum of suckler cows compared to winter feedi
H. Scholz, S. Jankowski, P. Kühne and G. Heckenberger

Genetic background and rearing conditions: finding the best compromise to optimize meat quality
P. Silacci, I. Morel, B. Guggenbühl, J. Messadene, S. Dubois and S. Lerch

Gestation length in Swiss Fleckvieh cows
A. Burren, E. Roesti, N. Berger and H. Joerg

Prediction of cow diet composition using mid-infrared spectroscopy on milk
M. Coppa, B. Martin, S. Hulin, J. Guillemin, J.V. Gauzentes, A. Pecou and D. Andueza