Session 19. Young train – Innovative research and extension

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Theatre Session

Let there be light – blue, red or white light for dairy cows
S. Lindkvist, E. Ternman, S. Ferneborg, B. Ekesten and S. Agenäs

Effects of the novel concept ‘outdoor veal calf’ on antimicrobial use, mortality and weight gain
J. Becker, G. Schüpbach-Regula, A. Steiner, V. Perreten, D. Wüthrich, A. Hausherr and M. Meylan

Feed characteristics and potential effects on rumen microbiome of ensiled seaweeds for dairy cows
Y. Yen, M.R. Weisbjerg, K. Viswanath and M. Novoa-Garrido

Milk yield and fertility in a randomized controlled trial of extended voluntary waiting period
A. Edvardsson Rasmussen, C. Kronqvist, R. Båge and K. Holtenius

Effect of milk β-casein variants on cheese making traits
V. Vigolo, M. Franzoi, M. Penasa and M. De Marchi

CNGB3 missense variant causes recessive day-blindness (achromatopsia) in Original Braunvieh cattle
I.M. Häfliger, E. Marchionatti, M. Stengard, S. Wolf-Hofstetter, J.M. Paris, J.G.P. Jacinto, C. Watté, K. Voelter, L.M. OcCelli, A.M. Komáromy, A. Oevermann, C. Goepfert, A. Borgo, R. Roduit, M. Spengeler, F.R. Seefried and C. Drögemüller

Effects of a low protein diet with rumen protected Met, Lys and His on the performance of dairy cows
T. Van Den Bossche, L. Vandaele, J.L. De Boever, B. Ampe, C. Cirot, M. Rolland, J. De Sutter and K. Goossens

Do dairy cows feeding on organic wastes burp less methane?
M. Reichenbach, A. Mech and E. Schlecht

Exploring the bovine colostrum microbiome in Holstein Friesian and double muscled Belgian Blue
I. Van Hese, K. Goossens, L. Vandaele and G. Opsomer

Associations between udder health traits and milk protein fractions in Holstein cows
V. Bisutti, A. Vanzin, A. Toscano, S. Pegolo, E. Trevisi, P. Ajmone Marsan, R. Negrini and A. Cecchinato

Milk microbiota investigation during and after summer Alpine transhumance and relation with cheese
G. Secchi, N. Amalfitano, A. Mancini, G. Bittante and E. Franciosi

Modelling the impact of feeding strategies on greenhouse gas emissions using process-based models
L. Ouatahar, A. Bannink, G. Lanigan and B. Amon

AEA enhanced bovine vascular endothelial cell barrier integrity during LPS challenge mediated by CB1
C.C.F. Walker and L.M. Sordillo

Poster Session

β-κ-casein haplotypes and its association with milk production traits in Spanish Holstein cows
O. Urrutia, J.A. Mendizabal and L. Alfonso

Application of a bio-economic model for economic estimation of Lithuanian dairy breeds
Š. Marašinskienė, R. Šveistienė, B. Kosińska-Selbi, C. Schmidtmann, M. Kargo, J.F. Ettema and V. Juškienė