Session 20. Management of the sow and her litter

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Theatre Session

Nutrition of hyperprolific sows to achieve survival and growth of their offspring
P.K. Theil

Short-term fixation of sows in farrowing pens among different opening procedures
B.-M. Baude, K. Krugmann, S. Diers, E. Tholen and J. Krieter

Modelling piglet pre-weaning mortality using litter records in technical management databases
A. Aubry, M. Klingler, P. Brenaut, A. Bouquet and B. Badouard

Effects of the farrowing and rearing system on skin lesions, tail lesions and losses of piglets
A. Lange, C. Lambertz, M. Gauly, H. Janssen and I. Traulsen

Water consumption of lactating sows
S.L. Thingnes, R. Sagevik, K. Ljøkjel, L.T. Bogevik and S. Kongsrud

The effect of cross-fostering on pre- and post-weaning piglet performance
N.J.E. Stevens and M. Booijen

The course of parturition and periparturient behaviour of sows to predict the expulsion of a piglet
C. Lensches, S. Ammer, A.L. Van Asten, J.T. Scholz and I. Traulsen

PertMat: a new tool for automatic determination of risk factors and improvement in breeding
B. Badouard and S. Boulot

Evaluation of point-of-care tests to characterize the vaginal discharge of sows after parturition
A. Grahofer, T. Mäder and H. Nathues

Implementation of a pig toilet in a nursery pen with straw-bedded lying area
M. Tillmanns, K. Scheepens, N. Kemper and M. Fels

Survey on farrowing management and reproductive performance in sows in a free farrowing system
L. Junker, S.E. Ulbrich and A. Grahofer

Maternal effects of the leptin receptor gene in pigs
E. Solé, R. Ros-Freixedes, M. Tor, J. Reixach, R.N. Pena and J. Estany

Poster Session

Urinary creatinine concentration in lactating sows in relation to body weight and amount of daily urine
H. Scholz, K. Stephan and M. Weber

New functional traits in selection of the Czech dam pig breeds
Z. Krupová, E. Krupa, E. Žáková, M. Wolfová and J. Přibyl

Survey on mycotoxin content in feed and colostrum from sows
P. Trevisi, D. Luise, F. Correa and P. Bosi

Genetic evaluation for gestation length and stillborn piglets in Swiss Large White sows
N. Khayatzadeh and A. Hofer

Effect of an arginine supplementation in gestation and lactation on sow performances over two cycles
M. Girard, P. Stoll, M. Maïkoff and G. Bee

A 39, XYY-trisomy case found in a Minipig
R. Sánchez-Sánchez, P. De La Cruz Vigo, E. Gómez Fidalgo, S.S. Pérez-Garnelo, E. De Mercado and M. Martín-Lluch

The impact of dietary potassium diformate on the milk yield in sows
C. Lückstädt and S. Petrovic

Additive and dominant genomic analysis for litter size in pure and crossbreed Iberian pigs
H. Srihi, J.L. Noguera, V. Topayan, M. Martín-De-Hijas, N. Ibañez-Escriche, J. Casellas, M. Vázquez-Gómez, M. Martínez-Castillero, J.P. Rosas and L. Varona

Reproductive effects in a boar with various C-Band polymorphisms
R. Sánchez-Sánchez, M. Martín-Lluch, E. Gómez Fidalgo, S.S. Pérez-Garnelo, E. De Mercado, J. Rubes, P. Musilova and P. De La Cruz Vigo

Reproductive qualities of pigs of Irish selection in the conditions of industrial production in Ukraine
V. Ogloblіa, N. Povod and O. Kravchenko

Perfect condition at farrowing is necessary to maximize the performance of first parity sows
J. Hornstra