Session 21. PLF and its generated animal-data usage on farm and along the entire chain

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Date: 29 August 2017; 14:00 – 17:00 hours
Chairperson: M.Guarino/ I.Halachmi


Theatre Session 21

Production is going to the far-east; Potential contrasts in the application of PLF
Invited Cohen, T.

A debate: How own the animal data?
Invited Coffey, M.

Vocalisations of weaner pigs as a potential tool to monitor ear biting behaviours
Diana, A.; Carpentier, L.; Piette, D.; Boyle, L.; Norton, T.; Berckmans, D.

Real time monitoring of small ruminants’ drinking behavior and body weight; sensory system design
Glasser, T.; Barchilon, N.; V, B.L.O.C.H.; Gal, Y.; Godo, Y.; Grinshpun, J.; Lepar, Y.; Levit, H.; Maor, L.; Metuki, E.; Ram, E.; Rosenfeld, L.; Schcolnik, T.; Halachmi, I.

Improving the efficiency of beef production: advances in technology
Duthie, C.A.; Miller, G.A.; Hyslop, J.J.; Barclay, D.; Edwards, A.; Thomson, W.; Ross, D.W.

The effect of sample size on the accuracy of machine learning models in precision livestock farming
Pastell, M.

Integrating Biomarkers into the Electronic-Sensors based PLF Tool Box
Shabtay, A.

An android mobile application developed for record keeping in slaughter houses
Bozkurt, Y.; Uluşar, Ü.D.

Real time use of data for monitoring and evaluation and for adjusting settings
Backus, G.B.C.

Optimizing management of dairy goat farms through a platform based on individual animal data collect
Belanche, A.; Fernandez-Álvarez, J.; Martín-Garcia, A.I.; Yáñez-Ruiz, D.R.


Posters Session 21

Relationship between image analysis traits and consumer palatability score of Tokachi-wakaushiⓇ
Hamanaka, J.H.; Yoshikuni, T.Y.; Asa, R.A.; Hagiya, K.H.; Goto, T.G.; Kuchida, K.K.

Rapid Assessment of Pork Solid Fat Content Using Hyperspectral Imaging
Kucha, C.; Ngadi, M.; Gariepy, C.; Maignel, L.

Individual water recording on growing pigs
Fortin, F.; Maignel, L.; Gagnon, P.; Turgeon, J.G.; Sullivan, B.