Session 22. Breeding for improved animal health, welfare and longevity I

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Theatre Session

Robustness scores in pigs estimated from routine phenotypes: definition and genetic parameters
G. Lenoir, L. Flatres-Grall, N.C. Friggens, R. Muñoz-Tamayo and I. David

How to breed successfully against tail biting – a simulation study in MoBPS
T. Pook, L. Büttgen, H. Simianer, H. Henne and A.R. Sharifi

Genetic parameters of piglet mortality in Danish organic pigs
T.T. Chu, R.M. Zaalberg, T.M. Villumsen and J. Jensen

Functional longevity in Latxa dairy sheep breed
C. Pineda-Quiroga and E. Ugarte

Genetic parameters for liveability traits in turkeys
B.C. Perez, J. Shaddick, S.A.S. Van Der Klein, K. Alves, M.C.A.M. Bink, A. Gueret and O.W. Willems

Genetic and non-genetic effects on tail injuries in pigs
B. Zumbach, J. Dodenhoff, K.-U. Götz, H. Simianer and A.R. Sharifi

Genetic parameters for birth weight and litter size in Danish organic pigs
R.M. Zaalberg, T.T. Chu, T.M. Villumsen and J. Jensen

Genetic analysis of novel behaviour traits in pigs derived from social network analysis
S. Agha, S. Foister, R. Roehe, S. Turner and A. Doeschl-Wilson

Development of a new selection index for assessing the rearing performance of lactating sows
L.S. Trost, S. Ammer, S. Zeidler, J. Tetens and I. Traulsen

Novel traits on the horizon: conceptual and theoretical aspects of Turkey breeding
C.F. Baes, R. Vanderhout, E. Leishman, E. Abdalla, N. Van Staaveren, B. Makanjuola, S. Barbut, A. Harlander and B. Wood

Genome-wide association study for resilience in growing pigs
H. Laghouaouta, R. Ros-Freixedes, M. Laplana, J. Estany, L. Fraile and R.N. Pena

Preventing pathogen co-evolution when breeding animals for lower infectious disease prevalence
A.D. Hulst, P. Bijma and M.C.M. De Jong

Poster Session

Relationship between somatic cell score and female fertility in Florida goat breed
C. Ziadi, R. Jiménez-Granado, M. Sánchez, M.D. López, E. Muñoz-Mejías and A. Molina

Genetic trends in the behaviour of sows and piglets in early lactation
O. Girardie, C. Espinoza, C. Perry, M. Lapoumeroulie, J. Gogué, O. Herhel, J.P. Bidanel and L. Canario

Total number born at 1st and 2nd parities are predictors of sow lifetime productivity development
L. Getmantseva, S. Bakoev, V. Shevtsova, A. Kolosov, F. Bakoev and M. Kolosova

Embryo and foetal mortality in divergent selected lines for homogeneity in mice
N. Formoso-Rafferty, L. El-Ouazizi El-Kahia, J.P. Gutiérrez and I. Cervantes

Comparison of the productivity and welfare of sows in individual stalls and group housing
Y.J. Min, Y.H. Choi, J.E. Kim, Y.D. Jeong, Y.H. Kim, D.W. Kim and H.J. Jung

Genetic parameters of variability of piglet birth weight in Swiss Large White pigs
C. Kasper and G. Bee

Repeatability of udder health and welfare traits of semi-extensively reared dairy goats in Greece
S. Vouraki, A.I. Gelasakis, V. Fotiadou, G. Banos and G. Arsenos

Estimating the heritability of broiler activity throughout life as recorded by using an RFID system
E.D. Ellen, M. Van Der Sluis, Y. De Haas, B. De Klerk and T.B. Rodenburg