Session 24. Feed-a-gene

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Date: 30 August 2017; 8:30 – 11:45 hours
Chairperson: J. Van Milgen


Theatre Session 24

The Feed-a-Gene
Van Milgen, J.

Effect of feeding regime and presence of antibiotics in diet on rabbit’s microbial gut composition
Velasco, M.; Piles, M.; Viñas, M.; Rafel, O.; González, O.; Guivernau, M.; Sánchez, J.P.

Feed efficiency and the faecal microbiome at slaughter weight in pigs
Verschuren, L.M.G.; Calus, M.P.L.; Jansman, A.J.M.; Bergsma, R.; Knol, E.F.; Gilbert, H.; Zemb, O.

Relationship between intestinal and blood metabolome and fecal digestive efficiency in chicken.
Beauclercq, S.; Hennequet-Antier, C.; Nadal-Desbarat, L.; Gabriel, I.; Calenge, F.; Le Bihan-Duval, E.; Mignon-Grasteau, S.

Molecular indicators of feed efficiency as proposed by a meta-analysis of transcriptomics data
Gondret, F.; Koffi, B.; Van Milgen, J.; Louveau, I.

Genetic and maternal effects on growth and feed efficiency in rabbits
Garreau, H.; Ruesche, J.; Gilbert, H.; Balmisse, E.; Benitez, F.; Richard, F.; David, I.; Drouilhet, L.; Zemb, O.

Social genetic effects on productive and feeding behavior traits in growing Duroc pigs
Herrera, W.; Ragab, M.; Sánchez, J.P.

Responses of pigs divergently selected for cortisol response or feed efficiency to an ACTH challenge
Gilbert, H.; Terenina, E.; Louveau, I.; Ruesche, J.; Gress, L.; Billon, Y.; Mormède, P.; Larzul, C.

Feed restriction effect on progeny of mice selected for birth weight environmental variability
Formoso-Rafferty, N.; Cervantes, I.; Gutiérrez, J.P.; Bodin, L.

Using metafounders to model purebred relationships in genomic prediction for crossbreeding
Van Grevenhof, E.M.; Vandenplas, J.; Calus, M.P.L.

A review of the purebred-crossbred correlation in pigs: theory, estimates, and reporting
Calus, M.P.L.; Wientjes, Y.C.J.

Discussion with stakeholders
Van Milgen, J.


Posters Session 24

Cross links between feed efficiency parameters and gut microbiota in pigs
De La Fuente, G.; Seradj, A.R.; Tor, M.; Balcells, J.

Effect of pig type and dietrary protein level on the metabolomic pattern, feed effciency, and GHG
Seradj, A.R.; Babot, D.; Beckmann, M.; Balcells, J.; De La Fuente, G.

Impact of a short term dietary challenge on growth performance and feeding behavior in finishing pig
Renaudeau, D.; Brossard, L.; Duteil, B.; Labussière, E.

Feed restriction on growth of mice divergently selected for birth weight environmental variability
Formoso-Rafferty Castilla, N.; Cervantes, I.; Sánchez, J.P.; Gutiérrez, J.P.; Bodin, L.