Session 25. Sustainable livestock farming in mountain areas and harsh environments – challenge or opportunity?

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Theatre Session

Sustainable productivity of livestock in European and Asian alpine grassland: a case study roadmap
F. Leiber, A. Mukaliev and A. Vitra

Two-decade evolution of livestock farming systems in Mediterranean arid rangelands
H. Rjili, E. Muñoz-Ulecia, A. Bernués, M. Jaouad and D. Martín-Collado

Robust breeds grazing green alder: integrating meat production and biodiversity conservation
M.K. Schneider, T. Zehnder, J. Berard, C. Pauler, M. Kreuzer and A. Lüscher

Milk yield and quality of Original Brown cattle reared in Italian alpine region
T. Zanon, S. König and M. Gauly

How do suckling dairy calves impact their dams’ milk production – insights from the Ladybug project
M. Bouchon and D. Pomies

How the presence of pig enterprise improves the sustainability of French mountain cattle farms?
C. Mosnier, S. Boukhriss and J.J. Minviel

Indicators to assess the sustainability of sheep and goat farming systems on Epirus mountains
D. Tsiokos, M.A. Karatzia, E.N. Sossidou and C. Ligda

Sheep/cattle mixed grazing: parasitism dilution improves sheep growth more than grazing facilitation
F. Joly, M. Benoit, P. Note and B. Dumont

Sustainable control of gastrointestinal parasites in goats of hilly areas of Jammu (India)
M. Azad and K. Kour

Genetic improvement of alpacas and llamas in Peru
G. Gutierrez, A. Cruz, J.P. Gutierrez and M. Wurzinger

Poster Session

Attitudes of Peruvian llama farmers towards genetic improvement
M. Wurzinger, C. Silva, J. Candio, A. Cruz, E. Quina and G. Gutiérrez

The future of llama keeping in Peru: a sustainability assessment
D. Luque, J. Candio, G. Gutiérrez and M. Wurzinger