Session 26. Better management for better economics in dairy

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Date: 30 August 2017; 8:30 – 11:45 hours
Chairperson: J.F Hocquette / G. Thaller


Theatre Session 26

Explaining differences in residual energy intake between lactating Holstein cows
Fischer, A.; Delagarde, R.; Faverdin, P.

Economic impact of the usage of AI bulls on Finnish dairy farms
Paakala, E.P.; Martín-Collado, D.; Mäki-Tanila, A.; Juga, J.

On-farm genomics in The Netherlands
Stoop, W.M.; Eaglen, S.A.E.; De Jong, G.

Sexed semen counteracts the increase in genetic lag in dairy herds managed for extended lactation
Clasen, J.B.; Lehmann, J.O.; Thomasen, J.R.; Østergaard, S.; Kargo, M..

Breeding strategies to maximise genetic and economic benefits in the Irish dairy industry
Matthews, D.; Kearney, J.F.; Hely, F.S.; Amer, P.R.

Recent advances of mid infrared spectroscopy applications to improve dairy industry profitability
De Marchi, M.; Benedet, A.; Visentin, G.; Cassandro, M.; Penasa, M.

Genetic and non-genetic effects on typical lactation curve parameters in Tunisian dairy cattle
Soumri, N.; Bedhiaf-Romdhani, S.

Effect of shortening the dry period length in two dairy breeds on plasma metabolites and fertility
Andrée O’hara, E.; Holtenius, K.

Relationship of calving interval and milk yield of Estonian dairy cows
Remmik, A.; Tuppits, U.

Working time analysis of mountainous dairy farms
Poulopoulou, I.;; Nock, C.M.;; Steinmayer, S.;; Lambertz, C.;; Gauly, M.

Evaluation of the income over feed cost on North-West Portuguese dairy farms
Santos, I.M.L.; Gomes, A.C.M.; Cabrita, A.R.J.; Fonseca, A.J.M.


Posters Session 26

Grasscheck: grass growth monitoring and prediction to improve grassland management
Valbuena-Parralejo, N.; Laidlaw, S.; Gilkinson, S.; Boyle, A.; Mccluggage, I.; Ferris, C.; Mcconnell, D.

The effect of the calving season on the lactation curve parameters in Tunisian dairy cattle
Soumri, N.; Bedhiaf Romdhani, S.

Prediction of lactation curves after 305 days in milk by using curves within the first 305 days
Yamazaki, T.; Takeda, H.; Nishiura, A.; Hagiya, K.; Yamaguchi, S.; Sasaki, O.

Genetic correlations between semen production traits and milk yields in Holsteins
Hagiya, K.; Hanamure, T.; Hayakawa, H.; Abe, H.; Baba, T.; Muranishi, Y.; Terawaki, Y.

The occurrence of hygienically important microorganisms in raw ewe’s milk
Vršková, M.; Tančin, V.; Uhrinčať, M.; Mačuhová, L.

Approaches to evaluation of animal welfare in dairy production in Saxony-Anhalt (Germany)
Kühne, P.; Scholz, H.; Engelhard, T.; Taffe, B.

Using nonlinear quantile regression to describe the milk somatic cell count of Iranian Holstein cows
Naeemipour Younesi, H.; Shariati, M.O.H.A.M.M.A.D.; Zerehdaran, S.; Jabbari Noghabi, M.; Lovendahl, P.

Connections between register-based and animal-based indicators for an assessment of animal welfare
Kühne, P.; Scholz, H.; Engelhard, T.; Taffe, B.

Evaluation of colostrum quality in Czech dairy herds
Staněk, S.; Šlosárková, S.; Nejedlá, E.; Faldyna, M.; Šárová, R.; Krejčí, J.; Fleischer, P.

Factors affecting lactation performance of Hungarian buffalo cows
Barna, B.; Holló, G.

How is the behaviour of dairy cows affected by moving to a new group?
Soonberg, M.; Barraclough, R.; Haskell, M.J.; Arney, D.