Session 26. Regulatory framework and advances in genetics and genomics of farmed insects

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Theatre Session

Opportunities for the insect sector under the European Union (EU) regulatory framework
C. Muraru, C. Derrien, M. Beiter and A. Grassi

A roadmap for black soldier fly breeding and genetics
G. Gorjanc, L. Letica, I. Pocrnic, S. Grainger and T. Farrugia

Deciphering the evolutionary history of the black soldier fly, Hermetia illucens, on a global scale
C. Sandrock, C. Kaya, M. Kapun, J. Wohlfahrt and W.U. Blanckenhorn

Comparison of pedigree genetic evaluation methods for black soldier fly breeding
L.A.C. Lara, I. Pocrnic, S. Grainger, T. Farrugia and G. Gorjanc

Revivable eggs by cryopreservation for insect production enhancement
A. Gligorescu, C. Fischer, S. Chen, A. Baumann, Y. Politi, I. Alyagor and Y. Gilad

Female-biased sex ratio in production colonies of the common housefly, Musca domestica
L. Francuski, G. Petrucci, J. Beerda, W.L. Jansen and L.W. Beukeboom

Molecular and phenotypic polymorphism in Tenebrio molitor: how to characterize strains?
E. Evangelina, K. Labadie, B. Vacherie, J.-M. Aury, M. Ali-Agha, Q. Li, A. Rios, M.-A. Madoui and T. Lefebvre

Utility of pooled whole-genome sequences to determine genomic inbreeding in honey bees
M. Guichard, A. Gmel, B. Dainat, S. Eynard, A. Vignal, B. Servin, The Beestrong Consortium and M. Neuditschko

Poster Session

Why and how to estimate genetic parameters for black soldier flies?
A.C. Bouwman, D. Wongso, B.A. Pannebakker, B.J. Zwaan and E.D. Ellen