Session 27. Innovation in animal nutrition through speciality feed ingredients

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Date: 30 August 2017; 8:30 – 12:00 hours
Chairperson: E. Apper


Theatre Session 27

Improved conditions in the animal gut
Invited Bontempo, V.

Effect of selenium sources in weaned piglets subjected to an immune challenge
Briens, M.; Guan, X.; Eckhardt, E.; Mercier, Y.; Molist, F.

Effects of Scutellaria baïcalensis on sow mammary epithelial cells
Perruchot, M.H.; Gondret, F.; Quesnel, H.; Robert, F.; Roger, L.; Dupuis, E.; Dessauge, F.

Effect of amino acid supplementation and milk allowance on liveweight and body composition in calves
Mccoard, S.A.; Knol, F.W.; Mckenzie, C.M.; Khan, M.A.

Physicochemical characterization of feed grade zinc oxide sources
Cardoso, D.; Chevalier, Y.; Romeo, A.

Effects of starch type and starch to fibre ratio on rumen in vitro starch and NDF degradability
Malan, S.; Raffrenato, E.; Cruywagen, C.W.

Improvement of feed and nutrient efficiency in pig production, value of precision feeding
Invited Brossard, L.; Dourmad, J.Y.

Amino acid concentration in different seaweed species and availability for ruminants
Weisbjerg, M.R.; Bhatti, H.S.; Novoa-Garrido, M.; Roleda, M.Y.; Lind, V.

Excess methionine supply during a short period improves technological and sensory pork quality
Lebret, B.; Batonon-Alavo, D.I.; Perruchot, M.H.; Mercier, Y.; Gondret, F.

A case for glycine as an innovativeproduct in european animal feeds – the evidences
Akinde, D.


Posters Session 27

The effect of the supplementation of Bacillus subtilis RX7 and B2A strains in laying hens
Zhang, W.L.; Yun, H.M.; Park, J.H.; Kim, I.H.; Yoo, J.S.

Relative bioavailability of selenium sources for beef cattle using selenium serum level
Silva, J.S.; Balieiro, J.C.C.; Cunha, J.A.; Oliveira, T.; Bium, B.F.; Zanetti, M.A.

Different sources of resistant starch in vitro show contrasting fermentation and SCFA profiles
Leblois, J.; Bindelle, J.; Genreith, A.; Everaert, N.

In vitro evaluation of exogenous proteolytic enzymes in monogastric feed
Coppens, L.; Beckers, Y.

Selenium and vitamin E in the cow’s diet improve milk’s components before and after pasteurization
Salles, M.S.V.; Saran Netto, A.; Roma Junior, L.C.; Zanetti, M.A.; Salles, F.A.; Pfrimer, K.

Effect of a novel association of yeast fractions on broilers sensitivity to an acute heat stress
Barbe, F.; Sacy, A.; Bertaud, B.; Chevaux, E.; Castex, M.

Effects of alternative feedstuffs on growth performance and carcass characteristics of growing lambs
Awawdeh, M.S.; Dager, H.K.; Obeidat, B.S.

Inclusion of protected feed additives on performances and FMD antibody titer of growing pigs
Yun, H.M.; Lee, K.Y.; Balasubramanian, B.; Kim, I.H.

N-3 fatty acids transfer from hempseed-rich diet to sow milk and changes in plasma lipid profile
Habeanu, M.; Ghita, E.; Gheorghe, A.; Ropota, M.; Lefter, N.; Mihalcea, T.; Ciurescu, G.

Effects of different n-6 to n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids ratio on gestation-lactating sows
Yin, J.; Yun, H.M.; Kim, I.H.; Lee, K.Y.; Jung, J.H.

The effect of supra-optimal inorganic, organic or nano selenium on blood selenium status of ewes
Lee, M.R.F.; Fleming, H.R.; Hodgson, C.; Davies, D.R.

In vitro fermentation and acidification potential of several carbohydrates sources with two inocula
Amanzougarene, Z.,; Yuste, S.,; De Vega, A.,; Fondevila, M.,.

Glutathione peroxidase (GPx) activity in beef cattle supplemented with sodium selenite or Se yeast
Zanetti, M.A.; Silva, J.S.; Oliveira, T.; Bium, B.F.; Pugine, S.M.P.; Melo, M.P.

Effect of chitooligosaccharides on egg production, egg quality and blood profiles in laying hens
Jiao, Y.; Kim, Y.M.; Sun, H.Y.; Bae, J.E.; Kim, I.H.

Evaluating the impact of 25-hydroxyvitamin D3 on sow performance and their litters
Zhang, J.Y.; Kim, K.T.; Bae, J.E.; Jeong, Y.J.; Kim, I.H.

Evaluation of feeding periods of dietary conjugated linoleic acid supplement in finishing pigs
Tran, N.H.; Yun, H.M.; Lee, S.I.; Kim, J.K.; Kim, I.H.

Efficacy of dietary supplementation of conjugated linoleic acid in finishing pigs
Upadhaya, S.D.; Yun, H.M.; Huang, S.Q.; Kim, I.H.; Jung, S.O.

Commercial cuts and loin characteristics of lambs fed diets with increasing levels of whey permeates
Alves Filho, L.M.; Sandri, D.; Rodrigues, T.; Kliemann, R.D.; Maggioni, H.; Nascimento, W.G.; Fernandes, S.R.; Garcez Neto, A.F.

Dietary Organic acids blend supplementation on performance and gut health in sows and their litters
Li, T.S.; Kim, Y.M.; Serpunja, S.; Cho, J.H.; Kim, I.H.

Effects of drinking water within Ca and Mg on production performance and egg quality of laying hens
Liang, X.X.; Yun, H.M.; Yoo, J.S.; Cheong, J.Y.; Kim, I.H.

Effects of dietary energy levels on growth performance in lactating sows and piglets
Huang, S.Q.; Kim, J.K.; Lee, S.I.; Kim, I.H.

The effects of protein sources on growth performance, apparent ileal digestibility in weanling pigs
Yang, Y.; Kim, Y.M.; Yun, H.M.; Kim, I.H.

Effects of dietary 1,3-diacylglycerol (DAG) supplementation for growing pigs fed low energy diets
Liu, W.C.; Kim, J.K.; Cho, J.H.; Kim, I.H.; Jung, S.O.

Effect of controlling feeding time and additional water on finishing pigs under heat stress
Hu, J.; Zhang, J.Y.; Kim, J.K.; Kim, I.H.

Effects of feeding olive meal and supplemental dietary enzyme on carcass characteristics of broiler
Seidavi, A.R.; Sateri, S.; Bouyeh, M.; Neumann, P.; Kutzler, M.; Laudadio, V.; Tufarelli, V.

Efficacy of Biocholine in finishing pigs
Jiao, Y.; Huang, S.Q.; Yun, H.M.; Cho, J.H.; Kim, I.H.

Effect of activated yeast on in vitro fermentation of barley in diets for intensive beef production
Amanzougarene, Z.,; Yuste, S.,; De Vega, A.,; Fondevila, M.,.

Positive or negative effects of feeding Moringa oleifera dry leaves on growth performance of sheep
El-Badawi, A.Y.; Yacout, M.H.M.; Hassan, A.A.; Khalel, M.S.

Effect of supplementation of phytase and varied calcium to phosphorus ratios in broilers
Hao, X.Z.; Kim, J.K.; Park, J.H.; Kim, I.H.

Effects on animal health of polyphenols and terpenes derived from olive in the diet
Pariza, I.; Sañudo, M.

A study on using of sunflower oil production by products as animal feeds
Paengkoum, S.; Techakriengkrai, T.; Pootaeng-On, Y.; Khianngam, S.; Na Chiangmai, P.; Paengkoum, P.

Effect of added fibrolytic enzyme in fermented total mixed ration on feed intake and growth performa
Yuangklang, C.; Volraphim, T.; Khotsakdee, J.; Vasupen, K.; Wongsuthavas, S.