Session 27. Sustainability and human health aspects of dairy and meat products and substitutes

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Theatre Session

Chinese consumers’ perspective and potential acceptance toward artificial meat
J. Liu, E. Hocquette, M.P. Ellies-Oury, S. Chriki and J.-F. Hocquette

Feasibility of circular food systems leveraging beef and dairy cattle
R.R. White

Effect of quarantine on post mortem performances of Charolaise young bulls
M. Santinello, A. Diana, A. Goi, M. De Marchi, F. Scali, G.L. Alborali, L. Bertocchi, E. Pellattiero and M. Penasa

Multivariate analysis of nutritional profile of human milk compared with milk from 6 farm species
N. Amalfitano, N. Patel, M.L. Haddi, H. Benabid, M. Pazzola, G.M. Vacca, A. Lante, F. Tagliapietra, S. Schiavon and G. Bittante

Effects of multiple grass-fed and grain-fed beef systems on fatty acid composition
S.C. Klopatek, X.Y. Xiang, J.W. Oltjen and P. Vahmani

Prediction of cheese-making properties of bulk milk according to farming practices
L. Rey-Cadilhac, C. Laurent, M. Gelé, C. Laithier, S. Léger and A. Ferlay

The future of the meat industry and of meat substitutes in China
J.J. Liu, M.P. Ellies-Oury and J.F. Hocquette

Insight into the genetic background of sialic acid metabolism in bovine milk
M. Milanesi, C. Marchitelli, M. Contò, D. Pietrucci, G. Chillemi and A. Crisà

Effect of supplementation of dairy cow with fat encapsulated linseed oil on milk fatty acids
T. Fernandes, M.C. Aires, G. Pereira, R. Bexiga, S.P. Alves, L. Lopes-Da-Costa and R.J.B. Bessa

Specific heat treatment reduced ruminal biohydrogenation of oilseeds and improved milk fat profile
C. Gerard, A. Lebrun and K. Gragnic

Poster Session

The concentration of major minerals in bovine bulk milk can be predicted using infrared spectroscopy
M. De Marchi, M. Franzoi, A. Costa, M. Simoni, F. Righi, A. Revello Chion, S. Ton and D. Giaccone

Prediction of milk quality lipid indices in sheep using partial least squares regression
F. Correddu, A. Cesarani and N.P.P. MacCiotta

Feasibility of pocket-sized near-infrared spectrometer for the prediction of cheese quality traits
C.L. Manuelian, M. Ghetti, C. De Lorenzo, M. Pozza, M. Franzoi and M. De Marchi

Meat quality of beef obtained from Wagyu bulls fed a diet supplemented with Se and vitamin E
T. Chovancová, M. Černohous, S. Malyugina, M. Orság, B. Zábrodská, J. Kašparová and A. Faltusová

Can dietary linolenic acid increase t11-18:1 and c9t11-18:2 in meat of lambs fed cereal based diets?
S.P. Alves, B. Grafanhete, A. Francisco, J. Santos-Silva and R.J.B. Bessa

Early metabolic imprinting of Hanwoo with rumen protected fat increased beef quality at slaughter
R. Bharanidharan, K. Thirugnanasambantham, N. Kim, J. Kim, S.H. Beak, S. Choi, G.D. Kim and K.H. Kim