Session 28. Evolutions and latest developments in equine production and management

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Theatre Session

Equine registration system and (non)use of horsemeat for human consumption: a survey in EU countries
C. Vial, A.S. Santos, R. Evans, F. Gras and K. Potočnik

Equine end of life in Europe
M. Uldahl

Self-organized equine users: key factors and value of professional services
C. Eslan, C. Vial and S. Costa

Hay preferences in horses versus selection by their owners
S. Holzer, C. Herholz, L. Tanadini, S. Ineichen and S. Juilland

Influence of two feeding managements on behaviour and welfare in horses reared for meat production
F. Raspa, I. Vervuert, P. De Palo, D. Cavallini, D. Bergero, E. Valvassori and E. Valle

An international comparison of prevalence of headshaking syndrome in horses
L.M. Stange, J. Krieter and I. Czycholl

Character testing in Haflinger horses
T. Zanon, S. Gruber and M. Gauly

Determining objective kinematic parameters to assess ground coverage in Franches-Montagnes horses
A.I. Gmel, E.H. Haraldsdottir, F.M. Serra Bragança, A.M. Cruz, M. Neuditschko and M.A. Weishaupt

Traits of interest in performance recording harmonisation of Equus genus – survey results
M. Spehar, G. Polak, A.S.G. Santos, R. Mantovani, E. Salimei and K. Potočnik

Recent demographic history and genetic diversity in Martina Franca donkey population
V. Landi, E. Ciani and P. De Palo

Poster Session

Preventive compression measures on horses’ front legs during resting affected surface temperature
M. Hennemann, S.M. Schmid and J. Steinhoff-Wagner

The chicory: a potential crop against summer drought for horses
M. Valleix, M. Brossier and L. Wimel

Effect of grazing on subcutaneous fat distribution in foals by ultrasound assessment
M.V. Sarriés, A. Cittadini, J.M. Lorenzo, G. Indurain, J.L. Saez and R.M. Canals

Impact of essential oils on insulin sensitivity and the metabolome of insulin dysregulated horses
C.M.M. Loos, E.S. Vanzant, W. Han, S. Zhao, J. Li, L. Li, A.D. Bohannan, K.L. Urschel and K.R. McLeod

Mare’s udder secretory capacity from 3 days to 6 months of lactation
J. Auclair-Ronzaud, C. Dubois and L. Wimel

Times between foaling and the first standing and suckling of the new-born foal
L. Wimel, C. Pégourie, M. Valleix and J. Auclair-Ronzaud

Whether the mares milking process stresses the mares ?
G.M. Polak

Distribution of minor trace elements in different fractions of donkey milk
F. Fantuz, S. Ferraro, L. Todini, R. Spurio, A. Fatica, F. Marcantoni and E. Salimei

Oxidative stability and volatolomic profile of dry vs vacuum aged horse meat
P. De Palo, M. Faccia, G. Natrella, J.M. Lorenzo and A. Maggiolino