Session 28. Local solutions, global answer: facing global challenges with local production systems?

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Date: 30 August 2017; 8:30 – 12:15 hours
Chairperson: M. R. F. Lee


Theatre Session 28

A life-cycle approach to identifying local sources of emissions with global implications
Invited Kebreab, E.

Ideal future dairy farm: a Walloon breeders’ point of view
Dalcq, A.-C.; Soyeurt, H.; Dogot, T.; Brostaux, Y.; Delhez, P.; Vanwindekens, F.; Froidmont, E.; Rondia, P.; Wyzen, B.; Masure, A.; Bauraind, C.; Beckers, Y.

Balancing local and global challenges in farm-level sustainability assessment tools
De Olde, E.M.; Bokkers, E.A.M.; De Boer, I.J.M.

Goals and behaviours of farmers in mountain dairy cattle farms
Faccioni, G.; Bernués, A.; Ramanzin, M.; Sturaro, E.

Effect of paddock design on sow excretory behaviour in a pasture-based system with poplar trees
Andersen, H.M.-L.; Kongsted, A.G.; Jakobsen, M.

‘Clean, green and ethical’ management of small ruminants: frontiers in the ‘green’.
Invited Martin, G.B.; Vercoe, P.E.

What Corsican bee-keeping can teach us about how beekeeping can face a diversity of challenges?
Adam, A.; Lauvie, A.; Sorba, J.M.; Amzil, L.; Michon, G.

The importance of livestock in crop-livestock regions: competition with cash crops or opportunities
Ryschawy, J.; Benoit, M.; Delfosse, C.; Hostiou, N.; Dumont, B.

Local sheep rearing system characterization in the Brazilian northeastern region
Arandas, J.K.G.; Ribeiro, M.N.; Alves, A.G.C.; Facó, O.

Ethnozootechny and the conservation of domestic and wild animal diversity
Alves, A.G.C.; Ribeiro, M.N.; Bozzi, R.; Bruschi, P.; Costa, R.G.


Posters Session 28

Carcass characteristics of Istrian bulls in beef production
Ivanković, A.; Šubara, G.; Ramljak, J.; Šuran, E.; Konjačić, M.

Effects of restricted feeding on carcass and meat characteristics of Lithuanian pig breeds
Razmaitė, V.

Regenerative practices: a sustainable alternative for land-based livestock
Mandaluniz, N.; Pascual, A.; Arranz, J.; Ugarte, E.; Ruiz, R.