Session 29. So you think your science is so great

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Theatre Session

Role of the researcher in facilitating innovation
P. Galama

Fostering impacts through interdisciplinary science approaches with multi-stakeholder involvement
M. Vaarst

Reaping the rewards of livestock science at grassroots level
R. Keatinge

BovINE: beef innovation network Europe
R. Desmet, K. Goossens, R. Lynch and M. Henchion

PROTECOW: French-Belgian exchange on cost efficient replacement of soybean meal in dairy diets
L. Vandaele, L. Boulet, M. Lamérand, B. Verriele, E. Decaesteker, S. Fourdin, S. Hennart, E. Froidmont and B. Rouillé

Creation of a semantic resource responding to the principles of open science for the meat sector
M. Kombolo, S. Aubin, J. Yon, F. Landrieu, B. Richon and J.F. Hocquette

Prediction of marbling score in slaughterhouse using a pocket-sized near-infrared spectrophotometer
M. Kombolo, A. Goi, D. Andueza, J. Liu, A. Neveu, P. Faure, L. Thoumy, C. Cogneras, M. De Marchi and J.-F. Hocquette

New grading systems of beef to ensure consumer satisfaction and farm gate returns to producers
J.F. Hocquette and R. Polkinghorne

Assessment of needs for data integration and digitalisation in Austrian dairy cattle farms
F. Grandl, F. Steininger, M. Stegfellner, M. Drillich, M. Koblmüller and C. Egger-Danner