Session 29. Weaning pigs in healthy way

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Date: 30 August 2017; 8:30 – 12:15 hours
Chairperson: G. Bee


Theatre Session 29

An overview on alternatives to antibiotics and zinc oxide for prevention of diarrhea post weaning
Canibe, N.; Højberg, O.; Lauridsen, C.

Genetic parameters and breeding strategies for novel litter traits in weaner production systems
Klein, S.; Brandt, H.R.; König, S.

Looking to biological variables predicting growth during  three weeks after weaning in pig
Buchet, A.; Merlot, E.; Belloc, C.

Can piglets that are small for their size at birth or weaning catch up?
Huting, A.M.S.; Wellock, I.; Kyriazakis, I.

Health parameters of group-housed sows and piglets during lactation
Grimberg-Henrici, C.G.E.; Czycholl, I.; Burfeind, O.; Krieter, J.

Effects of a free farrowing system on reproductive performance and welfare indicators
Ladewig, R.Y.; Czycholl, I.; Krieter, J.; Burfeind, O.

Ten weeks of lactation in organic pig production – a case study
Kongsted, A.G.; Studnitz, M.; Knage-Drangsfeldt, K.; Andersen, H.M.-L.

Bioactive compounds as alternative to antibiotics to prevent coliform diarrhea in weaned piglets
Invited Girard, M.; Pradervand, N.; Silacci, P.; Bee, G.

Influence of a dynamic meal feeding approach on weaning performance and health of piglets
Royer, E.; Lebas, N.; Lapoujade, M.; Granier, R.

Effect of prenatal flavours exposure on creep-feed acceptance and performance of suckling pigs
Figueroa, J.; Guzmán-Pino, S.; Marchant, I.

Effect of early feeding strategies on feed intake of suckling piglet’s
Greydanus, J.F.; Zonderland, J.

Digestive capacity and gut health of Norwegian Landrace pigs fed a high-fiber rapeseed diet
Invited Pérez De Nanclares, M.; Mydland, L.T.; Kjos, N.P.; Øverland, M.


Posters Session 29

Effects of reducing dietary crude protein and metabolic energy in weaned piglets
Lee, J.H.; Yun, W.; Liu, S.D.; Kwak, W.G.; Lee, C.H.; Oh, H.J.; Park, H.Y.; Choi, S.H.; Cho, J.H.

Effect of 1-day old experimental supplementation on piglet mortality and performance
Van Staaveren, N.; Bertram, M.; Mckilligan, D.; Marchewka, J.; Calderón Díaz, J.A.

Effect of emulsifier (sodium stearoyl lactylate) in weaning pigs
Zhang, J.Y.; Hu, J.; Lee, J.S.; Kim, K.T.; Kim, I.H.