Session 30. The future role of native horse breeds

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Date: 30 August 2017; 8:30 – 11:45 hours
Chairperson: J.Kantanen


Theatre Session 30

Diversity of European horse breeds – a review
Invited Kantanen, J.

Shaped for the survival – the early history of Finnhorse
Bläuer, A.

Admixture and recent migration in three Czech draught horse breeds as revealed by microsatellites
Vostry, L.; Vostra-Vydrova, H.; Moravcikova, N.; Hofmanova, B.; Vesela, Z.; Schmidova, J.; Majzlik, I.; Kasarda, R.

Multifactorial analyses of body measurements in Polish Konik horses from Poland
Pasicka, E.

Factors affecting foaling rates in three native Norwegian horse breeds
Furre, S.; Vangen, O.

Garrano: the native mountain pony of northern Portugal
Santos, A.S.; Ferreira, L.M.M.

Fat and somatic cell content of milk in indigenous Slovenian draft horse
Luštrek, B.; Potočnik, K.

The effect of the Horse Assisted Activities on the children
Gumilar, R.; Tušak, M.; Potočnik, K.

Causal relationships between fertility and type traits and selection response in IHDH breed
Mantovani, R.; Pigozzi, G.; Sartori, C.

Conservation or improvement of indigenous horses breeds. Where are the golden means?
Polak, G.M.

Challenges and opportunities in the Equestrian Revolution
Mihók, Z.S.


Posters session 30

Phenotypic and Morphological Traits and Conformation Indices of Barb and Arab-Barb Horses In Tunisia
Gharbi, B.; Hamrouni, A.; Haddad, M.; Najjar Maatoug, A.; Djemali, M.

Conservation and reaffirmation of Gidran horse breed in the future
Ramljak, J.; Ivanković, A.; Trogrlić, J.

The assessment of risk status of endangered horses breeds in Poland
Polak, G.M.

Determination of an Endangered Piebald Horse Breed Raised in Turkey
Yilmaz, O.; Ertugrul, M.