Session 31. ANIMAL NUTRITION 4.0

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Theatre Session

Animal nutrition strategies to cope with EU Green Deal: GMO, additives and novel feeds
G. Savoini, L. Pinotti, A. Agazzi, M. Innocenti and M. Ardizzone

Duckweed as fishmeal-protein replacement for omnivorous and carnivorous fish fry
T. Stadtlander, D. Rosskothen, F. Tschudi, A. Seitz, M. Sigrist, C. Pietsch and F. Leiber

Inclusion of silage in pig diets – effect on production and health
J. Friman, T. Lundh and M. Åkerfeldt

Winery by-products as a functional feed to modulate ruminal fermentation in vitro
R. Khiaosa-Ard, M. Mahmood, E. Mickdam and Q. Zebeli

Effect of forage source and processing conditions of fava bean on amino acid digestion in dairy cows
W.J. Wang, P. Lund, M. Larsen and M.R. Weisbjerg

Novel concepts and methodologies in assessing sustainability in livestock farming: One nutrition
K. Spáčilová and R. Tijssens

Impact of dietary protein content and methionine supplementation in dairy ewes in early lactation
G. Caja, A. Elhadi, M.E. Rodriguez-Prado, A. Belaid, X. Such, L. Bahloul and S. Calsamiglia

Replacement of soybean meal with poultry-based processed animal proteins in weaned pigs
R. Davin, J. Van Baal and P. Bikker

Giving a second life to food waste: what to expect from the use of former foodstuff in animal feed?
M.C. Lecrenier, O. Fumière and V. Baeten

Poster Session

Effects of maize kernel particle size on the gas production kinetics in vitro of maize silage
I. Ansia, R. Walvoort, A. Santos, H. Van Laar and W. Pellikaan

Replacement of soybean meal with poultry based processed animal proteins in growing pigs
R. Davin and P. Bikker

Growth performance of Large White × Landrace crossbred pigs fed diets containing Marula nut meal
R.S. Thomas, P.M. Mabena, F.Y. Hlongwana, O.G. Makgothi and B.D. Nkosi

Effects of dietary inclusion of Spirulina platensis on the reproductive performance of female minks
A.M. Iatrou, G. Papadopoulos, G. Banos, T. Poutahidis, A.G. Lymperopoulos and P. Fortomaris

Proposition for a concept to exploit alfalfa as protein source for monogastric animals
L. Blume, S. Hoischen-Taubner and A. Sundrum

A review on how local amino acid solutions can support the achievement of the EU Green Deal targets
N.M. Martin and S. Fontaine

Ileal amino acids digestibility in organic protein feedstuffs for pigs
D. Renaudeau, D. Gaudré, H. Juin and A. Roinsard

Metabolizable methionine balanced diets improved Lacaune dairy ewe performance
F. Francia, A. Kihal, M.R. Rodriguez-Prado, G. Caja, X. Such, L. Bahloul and S. Calsamiglia

Nutritive value and palatability of microalgae species in dog feeding
J.G. Fernandes, M. Spínola, T. Aires, J.L. Silva, A.J.M. Fonseca, S.A.C. Lima, M.R.G. Maia and A.R.J. Cabrita

Quantification of unvalorised protein based on two methodologies evaluating protein self-sufficiency
C. Battheu-Noirfalise, R. Lioy, E. Reding, L. Echevarria, A. Berchoux, S. Hennart, M. Mathot, V. Decruyenaere and D. Stilmant

Using cauliflower in dairy sheep feeding: effect on blood biochemical profile
I. Mateos, C. Saro, F.J. Giráldez, S. López and M.J. Ranilla

Cauliflower as a by-product in dairy sheep feeding: effect on milk production and composition
I. Mateos, C. Saro, F.J. Giráldez, S. López and M.J. Ranilla

Nitrogen discharge reduction in fattening cattle by a dietary blend of essential oils and spices
J.F. Gabarrou and G. Desrousseaux

Rumen protected lysine improved serum lysine status in Fleckvieh bulls fed a nitrogen deficient diet
F. Riepl, S. Kuenz, D. Brugger, K. Kleigrewe, W. Windisch, H. Spiekers and T. Ettle

A novel ammonia treatment of barley to optimize rumen function in sheep
A. Belanche, A.I. Martin-Garcia, E. Jimenez, N. Jonsson and D.R. Yanez-Ruiz

Inclusion of olive cake in the diet of Rusitec fermenters: effect on archaeal community
C. Saro, I. Mateos, M.D. Carro and M.J. Ranilla

Effects of replacement of soybean meal with peas on fatty acid composition in growing turkeys
V. Juskiene, R. Juodka, R. Nainiene and R. Juska

Interaction between season and feeding level or amino acid supplies on pigs’ growth performance
N. Quiniou, D. Renaudeau and G. Daumas

In vitro cell oxidative protection, improved fermentation and Salmonella mitigation via a postbiotic
V. Nsereko, A. Brainard, T. Weigand, J. Lin and F. Ysunza

Calculation of digestibility parameters in laying hens using NIR on faecal samples
G.C.B. Schopen, C. Noordijk, E. Leentfaar, D. Schokker, M.C.A.M. Bink and E.D. Ellen

Faecal near-infrared spectral data as a tool to predict digestibility in pigs
S.E. Wallén, K.H. Martinsen, G.T. Gebregiwergis, N.K. Afseth, E. Grindflek and T.H.E. Meuwissen

Digestibility and palatability of algal blend in dogs
C.S.C. Mota, M. Spínola, A.R.J. Cabrita, H. Abreu, J. Silva, A.J.M. Fonseca and M.R.G. Maia

Digestibility of grass fibre increased by screw pressing in a bio-refinery
N.P. Hansen, M.R. Weisbjerg, M. Johansen and S.K. Jensen