Session 31. Biology of adipose tissue and lipid metabolism

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Date: 30 August 2017; 8:30 – 11:45 hours
Chairperson: I. Louveau


Theatre Session 31

The biology of adipose tissue in non-ruminants: renewed interests in oxido-reduction pathwaysShaped for the survival – the early history of Finnhorse
Gondret, F.; Perruchot, M.-H.; Sierzant, K.; Louveau, I.

Proteomics profiling of cow adipose tissue in relation to energy balance around calving
Piras, C.; Soggiu, A.; Alloggio, I.; Greco, V.; Bonizzi, L.; Urbani, A.; Roncada, P.

Regulation of 17bHSD12 mRNA expression in adipose tissue of dairy cows with different body condition
Schuh, K.; Häussler, S.; Urh, C.; Koch, C.; Frieten, D.; Dusel, G.; Sadri, H.; Sauerwein, H.

Identification and characterization of adipokines and myokines involved in fat deposition in cattle
Albrecht, E.; Schering, L.; Liu, Y.; Komolka, K.; Maak, S.

Adiposity and expression of lipid metabolism genes in skeletal muscle in two beef cattle breeds
Urrutia, O.; Arana, A.; Soret, B.; Alfonso, L.; Purroy, A.; Mendizabal, J.A.

Immune stimulation in adipose tissue and its consequences for health and performance in the pig
Ajuwon, K.

Adipose-immune cross-talks in two pig lines divergently selected for feed efficiency. Part 1.
Perruchot, M.H.; Merlot, E.; Louveau, I.; Le Floc’h, N.

Effect of two different omega-3 fatty acid sources in the prepartum diet on performance of calves
Ataozu, A.; Gursel, F.E.; Oztabak, K.; Celik, L.; Serbester, U.

Cholesterol metabolism and performance in Holstein cholesterol deficiency carrier dairy cows
Schwinn, A.-C.; Gross, J.J.; Drögemüller, C.; Bruckmaier, R.M.; Schmitz-Hsu, F.; Barenco, A.; Neuenschwander, T.



Posters session 31

Association of gene expression of ASIP and its receptors with fat deposition in cattle
Liu, Y.; Albrecht, E.; Schering, L.; Maak, S.

Effect of monensin on milk fatty acid profile and blood metabolites in transition dairy cows
Karis, P.; Henno, M.; Ariko, T.; Jaakson, H.; Ling, K.; Ots, M.

Relationship between major muscle constituents in longissimus muscle from Hungarian Simmental bulls
Holló, G.; Húth, B.; Anton, I.; Holló, I.

Influence of carnitine and fat on performance, carcass characteristics and serum lipids of broilers
Bouyeh, M.; Akhondzade, H.

Expression of perilipin 2 and leptin genes in muscle and backfat tissues of pigs
Tempfli, K.; Szalai, K.; Lencses-Varga, E.; Simon, Z.; Bali Papp, A.

Adipose-immune cross-talks in two pig lines divergently selected for feed efficiency. Part 2.
Merlot, E.; Perruchot, M.-H.; Louveau, I.; Le Floc’h, N.

Development of a mature adipocyte culture system
Aad, P.Y.; Bou Karroum, S.