Session 32. The nature of inbreeding and genomic approaches to assess inbreeding rate and inbreeding depression

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Date: 30 August 2017; 14:00 – 17:45 hours
Chairperson: H. Simianer


Theatre Session 32

From estimation of inbreeding toward complex modelling of negative consequences of inbreeding
Invited Curik, I.; Ferenčaković, M.; Sölkner, J.

Intra-chromosomal estimates of inbreeding depression on fertility in the Finnish Ayrshire population
Martikainen, K.; Uimari, P.

Estimation and characterization of individual genomic inbreeding in Belgian Blue beef cattle
Solé, M.; Gori, A.-S.; Faux, P.; Gautier, M.; Druet, T.

Genomic selection and inbreeding in North American Holstein cattle
Forutan, M.; Mahyari, S.A.; Baes, C.; Melzer, N.; Schenkel, F.; Sargolzaei, M.

Investigating Runs of Homozygosity in Dairy Cattle using Imputed Genomic Information
Fleming, A.; Forutan, M.; Makanjuola, B.; Melzer, N.; Schenkel, F.S.; Sargolzaei, M.; Baes, C.

Extent of Runs of Homozygosity in a wide set of phylogenetically diverse chicken populations
Invited Weigend, S.; Weigend, A.; Sölkner, J.; Malomane, D.; Simianer, H.

A generalized approach to calculate expectation and variance of kinships in complex breeding schemes
Pook, T.; Weigend, S.; Simianer, H.

The Rambouillet sheep breed: a unique chance to investigate inbreeding at genome level
Danchin, C.; Doublet, A.C.; Restoux, G.

Alternative genomic relationship matrices in genomic optimum optimun contribution selection
Gebregiwergis, G.T.; Meuwissen, T.H.E.; Sørensen, A.C.; Henryon, M.

Inbreeding Management in Honeybees using DNA-based Methods
Petersen, G.E.L.; Fennessy, P.F.; Dearden, P.K.

Genetic rescue of inbred dog populations
Windig, J.J.

Inbreeding in Slovenian Brown-swiss population
Logar, B.; Obšteter, J.; Ferenčaković, M.


Posters session 32

Analysis of the inbreeding level in the active population of pigs of different breeds in Poland
Żak, G.; Szyndler-Nędza, M.; Eckert, R.

Estimating the genetic variability of the Letelle sheep breed with the use of microsatellite markers
Magwaba, T.; Van Der Westhuizen, L.; Grobler, J.P.; Bindeman, H.; Du Plessis, C.; Van Marle-Kösterd, E.; Neser, F.W.C.

The assessment of genetic diversity in sturgeons aiming at aquaculture stocks improvement
Dudu, A.; Burcea, A.; Florescu, I.E.; Popa, G.O.; Costache, M.; Georgescu, S.E.

Differences in morphology and genetic structure associated to the coat colour in PRE horses
Negro, S.; Sánchez, M.J.; Demyda, S.; Valera, M.

Genomic comparison of Western Finncattle and Nordic Red Cattle in Finland
Iso-Touru, T.; Fischer, D.; Stranden, I.; Vilkki, J.; Tapio, M.