Session 33. Breeding for improved animal health, welfare and longevity: cattle II

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Theatre Session

A major QTL at LHCGR for multiple birth in Holstein cattle
S. Widmer, F.R. Seefried, P. Von Rohr, I.M. Häfliger, M. Spengeler and C. Drögemüller

Selection against infectious diseases: genetic variation and response to selection
P. Bijma, A. Hulst and M.C.M. De Jong

Genetic relationships between multiple ketosis related traits in Swiss Brown Swiss dairy cattle
U. Schuler, L.M. Dale and S. Wegmann

Prevalence of known recessive disease alleles in Italian beef cattle
J.G.P. Jacinto, A. Gentile, F. Sbarra and C. Drögemüller

Resilience indicators calculated from daily activity in dairy cows
M. Poppe, H.A. Mulder, E. Mullaart and R.F. Veerkamp

Do we really breed for healthier cows, and can we do better?
H. Simianer, D. Foster, S. Rensing, J. Heise and C. Reimer

Exploiting massive genotyping and sequencing data to improve fertility in Swiss dairy cattle
I.M. Häfliger, F.R. Seefried and C. Drögemüller

Impact of Holstein haplotypes
J.B.C.H.M. Van Kaam, M. Marusi and M. Cassandro

New insights into resistance to paratuberculosis from sequence-based GWAS in Holstein cattle
M.-P. Sanchez, R. Guatteo, A. Delafosse, A. Davergne, C. Grohs, P. Blanquefort, A. Joly, L. Schibler, C. Fourichon and D. Boichard

Is longevity still needed in dairy cattle breeding goals?
C. Schmidtmann, G. Thaller and M. Kargo

Across countries genomic prediction using national breeding values versus MACE breeding values
M. Sallam, H. Benhajali, S. Savoia, D.J. De Koning and E. Strandberg

Mapping of multiple loci affecting rearing success in four Swiss dairy cattle populations
M. Spengeler, M. Berweger, S. Widmer, I.M. Häfliger, C. Drögemüller and F.R. Seefried

Genetic evaluation of a novel longevity indicator for North American Angus cattle
H.R. Oliveira, L.F. Brito, S.P. Miller and F.S. Schenkel

Poster Session

Identification of copy number variants (CNVs) associated with somatic cell score in Holstein cattle
S.G. Narayana, F.S. Schenkel, T.C.S. Chud, A. Butty, C. Baes, F. Malchiodi and H.W. Barkema