Session 33. Feed-a-gene

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Date: 30 August 2017; 14:00 – 18:00 hours
Chairperson: J. Van Milgen


Theatre Session 33

Nutritional evaluation of dehulling and thermal treatments for production of expeller soybean meal
Carré, P.; Royer, E.; Wikselaar, P.; Quinsac, A.; Bikker, P.

Development of a decision support system for precision feeding application in pigs and poultry
Brossard, L.; Quiniou, N.; Marcon, M.; Meda, B.; Dusart, L.; Lopez, V.; Dourmad, J.-Y.; Pomar, J.

Development of a decision support tool for precision feeding of pregnant sows
Dourmad, J.Y.; Brossard, L.; Pomar, C.; Pomar, J.; Gagnon, P.; Cloutier, L.

Preliminary model to predict P-requirement of growing pigs
Halas, V.; Dukhta, G.; Nagy, G.; Kövér, G.

Re-parametrization of a swine model to predict growth performance of broilers
Dukhta, G.; Van Milgen, J.; Kövér, G.; Halas, V.

Characterizing animal response to environmental challenges: new traits of more efficient animals
Taghipoor, M.; Brossard, L.; Van Milgen, J.

Modelling individual uncertainty and population variation in phenotypical traits of livestock
Filipe, J.A.N.; Kyriazakis, I.

Discussion with stakeholders
Van Milgen, J.

Nutritional value of protein extracted from green biomass
Lærke, H.N.; Stødkilde, L.; Ambye-Jensen, M.; Nielsen, L.V.; Jensen, S.K.; Bach Knudsen, K.E.

Modelling dry matter digestion and transit in growing pigs and broilers
Roger, S.; Van Milgen, J.; Duclos, M.J.; Narcy, A.; Recoules, E.