Session 35. Better management for better economics in beef

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Date: 30 August 2017; 14:00 – 18:00 hours
Chairperson: J.F.Hocquette / M.De Marchi


Theatre Session 35

Characterisation and development of the bovine respiratory microbiome
Thomas, A.; Lee, M.R.; Bailey, M.; Finn, A.; Eisler, M.C.

Performance of calves fed a fixed amount of milk replacer with or without restrictions on meal size
Jensen, A.; Juhl, C.; Jensen, M.B.; Vestergaard, M.

Comparison of methods to assess the diet ingested by grazing cattle, consistency with weight gain
Agastin, A.; Naves, M.; Boval, M.

GHG emission calculation methodologies for livestock sector in South Korea and Indonesia
Nugrahaeningtyas, E.; Park, J.Y.; Yun, J.I.; Park, K.H.

Economic effects of participation in animal welfare programmes: Is it worthwhile for farmers?
Heise, H.; Schwarze, S.; Theuvsen, L.

Generation and distribution of productivity gains in beef cattle farming over the last 36 years
Invited Veysset, P.; Lherm, M.; Boussemart, J.P.; Natier, P.

How does peri-implantational subnutrition affect red blood cell parameters in two beef breeds?
Noya, A.; Serrano-Pérez, B.; Villalba, D.; Casasús, I.; Molina, E.; López-Helguera, I.; Ferrer, J.; Sanz, A.

Plasma and muscle responses to pre-slaughter mixing of suckler bulls
Moloney, A.P.; O’ Riordan, E.G.; Ferguson, N.; Mc Gee, M.; Keenan, J.B.; Mooney, M.H.

Improving beef cattle management through better breeding
Invited Miller, S.P.; Retallick, K.J.; Moser, D.W.

The threshold approach does not improve the eating quality of beef
Invited Bonny, S.P.F.; Pethick, D.W.; Gardner, G.E.; Legrand, I.; Wierzbicki, J.; Allen, P.; Polkinghorne, R.J.; Hocquette, J.F.; Farmer, L.

Selection of grasses and use of nitrogen to optimise grass yield and quality
Genever, E.; Mcconnell, D.; Matthews, J.; Kerr, S.


Posters session 35

Optimum test duration for residual feed intake and related traits in young Nellore bulls
Cyrillo, J.N.S.G.; Marzocchi, M.Z.; Mercadante, M.E.Z.; Bonilha, S.F.M.; Pires, B.; Magnani, E.

Effect of peri-implantational undernutrition on the dam and offspring performance in two beef breeds
Noya, A.; Casasús, I.; Rodríguez-Sánchez, J.A.; Ferrer, J.; Sanz, A.

Performance of weaned dairy bull calves fed concentrate or free choice of concentrate and TMR
Jensen, A.; Juhl, C.; Drake, N.; Jensen, M.B.; Vestergaard, M.

Beef characteristics predicted by NIRS
Corazzin, M.; Saccà, E.; Bozzi, R.; Ferrari, G.; Negrini, R.; Piasentier, E.

Pasture-based finishing of early- and late-maturing breed suckler bulls at 19 months of age
Regan, M.; Lenehan, C.; Moloney, A.P.; O’ Riordan, E.G.; Kelly, A.; Mc Gee, M.

Correlation among feed efficiency, fertility and fat thickness traits in beef cattle
Mercadante, M.E.Z.; Ferreira Júnior, R.J.; Bonilha, S.F.M.; Guimarães, A.L.; Cyrillo, J.N.S.G.

Effect of age on intramuscular and intermuscular fat ratio in Japanese beef
Ohtani, M.; Sakoda, K.; Asa, R.; Goto, T.; Kuchida, K.

Comparison of short-term and traditional fattening period using image analysis in Japanese Black
Kitamura, K.; Asa, R.; Goto, T.; Kuchida, K.

Body condition score and fat thickness measured in vivo and post slaughter in feedlot lambs
Sandri, D.; Kliemann, R.D.; Nascimento, E.M.; Bach, C.I.S.; Maggioni, H.; Nascimento, W.G.; Fernandes, S.R.; Garcez Neto, A.F.