Session 35. Good health of pigs and poultry: increasing robustness through feeding and management – part 1

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Theatre Session

Pre-weaning feeding management to support early robustness of piglets and post-weaning health
P. Bosi

Two ways of milk replacer administration enhances survival rate and faecal microbial profile of pigs
P. Trevisi, D. Luise, F. Correa, M. Vitali, C. Negrini, K.J. Volshoj, J.M. Madsen, M.A. Ton Nu and P. Bosi

Differences between conventional and artificially reared piglets from the same herd
C. Amdi, M.L.M. Pedersen, A.R. Williams, C. Larsen and J.G. Madsen

Preliminary results on the effect of keeping pigs in home environment post weaning
J.F.M. Winters, C. Kobek-Kjeldager, L. Foldager and L.J. Pedersen

Effect of dietary resin acid and zinc oxide in weaned piglets subjected to an immune challenge
X. Guan, H. Kettunen, R. Santos, J. Vuorenmaa and F. Molist

Effects of live yeast supplementation as a substitute to antibiotics growth promotors in piglets
T. Kiros, G. Kuhn, S. Long and X. Piao

Effect of plant-derived product supplementation on sow and piglet physiology
L. Herve, H. Quesnel, A. Greuter, L. Hugonin and N. Le Floc’h

Effect of extracted olive oil wastewater in post weaning phase on infected piglets
M.R. Mellino, C. Ollagnier, N. Pradervand, G. Bee and G. Battacone

Medium-chain fatty acids boost polymorphonuclear cell viability in weaned piglets
M. De Vos, S. Tanghe, R. D’Inca, K. Lannoo, K. Demeyere and E. Meyer

Supra-nutritional levels of riboflavin on gut health and oxidative stress in post-weaned piglets
E. Perez Calvo, J. Schmeisser, B. Blokker, S. Etheve, G. Litta, M. Walsh and A.M. Kluenter

Effect of different sources and doses of Cu on ileal microbiota and feed efficiency of weanling pigs
A. Forouzandeh, D. Solà-Oriol, L. Blavi, M. Rodríguez, A. Monteiro and J.F. Pérez

Effects of two copper sources on oxidative stress, inflammation, and gene abundance in growing pigs
L. Blavi, J.F. Pérez, A. Forouzandeh, F. González, M. De Angelo, A. Romeo, H.H. Stein and D. Solà

Testing natural alternatives to iron injection for organic piglets
E. Merlot, C. Robert, C. Clouard, R. Resmond, S. Ferchaud and A. Prunier

Poster Session

Zinc excretion from weaned pigs relates to zinc intake: a meta-analysis
S.V. Hansen and T.S. Nielsen

A mixture of amino acids and condensed tannins reduces post-weaning inflammation in weaned piglets
J. Michiels, M. Majdeddin, J. Degroote, N. Van Noten, W. Lambert, Y. Hou, H. Ohara, C. Van Kerschaever, E. Van Liefferingen, M. Vandaele and T. Chalvon-Demersay

The physiological requirement for zinc in newly weaned piglets: a dose-response trial
S.V. Hansen, N.P. Nørskov, J.V. Nørgaard, T.A. Woyengo and T.S. Nielsen

Dietary supplementation of standardized citrus extract to pigs shortens their fattening period
S. Cisse, H. Bui, M. Buffiere, A. Benarbia and D. Guilet

Preliminary study of microbial quality of animal drinking water for fattening pigs
C. Heinemann, C.D. Leubner and J. Steinhoff-Wagner