Session 36. Advancing sustainable livestock systems for resilient sustainable food systems

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Theatre Session

Advancing sustainable livestock systems for resilient sustainable food systems
S. Tarawali, F. Schneider and E. Arce Diaz

Estimating carbon sequestration in Portuguese sown biodiverse pastures using machine learning
T.G. Morais, R.F.M. Teixeira, M. Jongen, N.R. Rodrigues, I. Gama and T. Domingos

Technical, economic and environmental performances of two contrasted dairy production systems
V. Brocard, E. Tranvoiz, S. Dupré, S. Foray, G. Trou and D. Follet

Assessing the sustainability of multiple grass-fed and grain-fed beef systems in the Western USA
S.C. Klopatek, E. Marvinney, A. Kendall, X. Yang and J.W. Oltjen

Dairy farming in need of a new approach and paradigm?
A. Sundrum, J. Habel, S. Hoischen-Taubner, E. Schwabenbauer, V. Uhlig and D. Möller

Livestock disease resilience: from individual to herd level
A.B. Doeschl-Wilson, P.W. Knap, T. Opriessnig and S.J. More

Monitoring emissions of the intensive livestock systems in Northern Italy: the Mitigactions project
M. Berton, E. Sturaro, S. Schiavon, A. Cecchinato, G. Xiccato, M. Birolo and L. Gallo

Modelling economic performance and greenhouse gas emissions in dairy calf to beef production systems
M. Kearney, E. O’Riordan, J. Breen and P. Crosson

The nitrogen footprint assessment on South Korean intensive dairy farms
R. Ibidhi, T.H. Kim, R. Bharanidharan and K.H. Kim

Grazing systems performance across increasing levels of sward biodiversity in non-fertilised swards
M.J. Rivero, R.J. Orr, B. Griffith, R. Pywell, B. Woodcock and J. Tallowin

Modelling pathways of slurry from livestock production facilities into the environment
R. Haupt, C. Heinemann, M. Guse, S.M. Schmid, V. Overmeyer, P. Ebertz and J. Steinhoff-Wagner

Livestock practices of health monitoring in organic farms: useful to think agroecological redesign
C. Manoli, P. Roussel, C. Balme, C. Experton and F. Hellec

Blue water productivity in beef farms in two Italian northern regions
G. Pirlo, S. Uggeri, L. Migliorati and S. Carè

Poster Session

Milk urea concentrations in different dairy cattle breeds
A. Burren, N. Salzgeber, L. Casanova, C. Flury and S. Probst

The effect of teat disinfectant ingredients on teat skin bacteria associated with mastitis
D. Gleeson and S. Fitzpatrick

Comparison of different methods for the evaluation of teat disinfectant products
S. Fitzpatrick and D. Gleeson

Differences in nutrient use efficiency and food-feed competition among Chinese dairy farms
Y. Wang, I.J.M. De Boer and C.E. Van Middelaar

Estimation of carbon footprint in Iberian out-door pig farms
P. García-Suárez, A. Horrillo, P. Gaspar, M. Escribano and F.J. Mesías

Analytical methods to formulate blend of rich-saponin plants for reducing ammonia emission in farms
M. Le Bot, H. Jolivet, S. Suor-Cherer, M. Buffiere and A. Benarbia

Does mixing cattle with broilers on pasture yield any benefits?
S. Hübner and K. Barth

The sheep performances in a grassland-based system is improved when combined with beef cattle
K. Vazeille, C. Jury, S. Prache, B. Septchat, C. Troquier, P. Veysset and M. Benoit

French emission factors of TSP, PM10 and PM2.5: results of field measurements
N. Guingand, S. Lagadec and M. Hassouna

The effect of litter type on broiler performance, litter quality and ammonia concentrations
M. Brink, G.P.J. Janssens, P. Demeyer, Ö. Bagci and E. Delezie