Session 36. Innovation in animal nutrition through speciality feed ingredients

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Date: 30 August 2017; 14:00 – 18:00 hours
Chairperson: E. Apper


Theatre Session 36

Effects of feeding extruded linseed on milk production and composition in dairy cow: a meta-analysis
Meignan, T.; Lechartier, C.; Chesneau, G.; Bareille, N.

Effect of solid intake stimulation of suckling rabbit on survival and growth performance
Combes, S.; Ikken, S.; Gidenne, T.; Balmisse, E.; Aymard, P.; Travel, A.

New approach for polyphenol oxidase-mediated rumen bypass polyunsaturated fatty acids
De Neve, N.; Gadeyne, F.; Vlaeminck, B.; Claeys, E.; Van De Meeren, P.; Fievez, V.

The role of livestock in sustainable food chains
Invited Peyraud, J.L.


Using specialized supplements to maximise forage utilisation and performance in ruminants
Chaudhry, A.S.

Molecular characterization of the rumen microbiome in lambs fed hydrolysable and condensed tannins
Salami, S.A.; Valenti, B.; Campidonico, L.; Luciano, G.; O’grady, M.N.; Kerry, J.P.; Jones, E.; Priolo, A.; Newbold, C.J.

Use of feed-grade amino acids in low protein diets: Towards a more sustainable broiler production?
Méda, B.; Belloir, P.; Lambert, W.; Corrent, E.; Juin, H.; Lessire, M.; Tesseraud, S.

Effects of Enterococcus faecium and the blend of organic acids in finishing pigs
Lei, X.J.; Lee, J.S.; Kim, I.H.; Lee, K.Y.

Seaweeds in ruminant diets: A long-term evaluation of in vitro rumen fermentation and methanogenesis
Maia, M.R.G.; Fonseca, A.J.M.; Cabrita, A.R.J.

Effects of biochar inclusion on in vitro rumen fermentation parameters
Rodrigues, A.R.F.; Maia, M.R.G.; Cabrita, A.R.J.; Oliveira, H.M.; Bernardo, M.; Fonseca, I.; Trindade, H.; Pereira, J.L.; Fonseca, A.J.M.

Commercial oil of Nigella sativa as growth promoters in sheep rations
El-Naggar, S.; Abou-Ward, G.A.; Ali, A.M.; El-Badawi, A.Y.

Ruminal biomethane mitigation of soybean hulls diets by Moringa oleifera extract
Parra-Garcia, A.; Elghandour, M.M.Y.; Salem, A.Z.M.; De Las Heras, A.; Gado, H.M.

Productive and reproductive performance of ewes supplemented with two biological feed additives
El-Hawy, S.; El-Bassiouny, M.F.; Abo-Bakr, S.; Gawish, H.A.; Badawy, M.T.; Gado, H.M.; Salem, A.Z.M.


Posters session 36

A life cycle assessment of high sugar grasses on pasture-based dairy farms
Foskolos, A.; Gibbons, J.; Gonzalez-Mejia, A.; Moorby, J.; Styles, D.

Milk production of dairy cows fed with high protein sunflower meal
Rouillé, B.; Beaumont, B.; Legarto, J.; Gele, M.

Effect of dietary slow release calcium supplementation on egg quality in Hy-line brown layers
Shi, H.; Park, J.H.; Lee, K.Y.; Kim, I.H.; Jung, J.H.

Inclusion of xylanase on nutrient digestibility and ileal digestibility of amino acids in pigs
Yun, H.M.; Lee, K.Y.; Balasubramanian, B.; Kim, I.H.

Effects of different levels of poultry by-product meal on commercial performance in growing chickens
Hosseini, R.; Karimi, A.

Fungal treatment effect on the chemical composition of matured forages for their use inruminant diet
Bolaji, O.J.,; Chaudhry, A.S.,; Dolfing, J.,

Effect of dietary fermented and unfermented grape skin on broiler chickens
Nardoia, M.; Chamorro, S.; Viveros, A.; Arija, I.; Ruiz-Capillas, C.; Brenes, A.