Session 37. Sustainability assessments of insects as food and feed in a circular economy

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Theatre Session

Entomoponics: combining Tenebrio molitor production and greenhouse vegetable production
C.L. Coudron, D. Deruytter and J. Claeys

Industrial symbiosis in insect production – a sustainable eco-efficient and circular business model
C. Phan Van Phi, M. Walraven, M. Bézagu, M. Lefranc and C. Ray

ValuSect: valuable insects
S. Van Miert

Bioavailability of zinc, iron and calcium in cereal porridge fortified with cricket powder
N.C. Maiyo, F.M. Khamis, M.W. Okoth, G.O. Abong, E.R. Omuse and C.M. Tanga

Precision insect farming: heatmaps to monitor growth and behaviour of Tenebrio molitor larvae
T. Spranghers, P. Vanloofsvelt and F. Wouters

Environmental opportunities and trade-offs of using feedstuffs for laying hens: LCA of 3 pathways
M. McBride, P. Patterson, C. Loyola, C. Papadimitriou and P. Pearson

The effect of rearing conditions on the CO2 output and required air flow in Tenebrio molitor rearing
V.K. Wooding and B. Steiner

Environmental impact of feeds utilized for poultry protein productions: soybean vs insect larvae
D. Ristic, C.L. Coudron, A. Schiavone, J. Claeys, F. Gai and S. Smetana

Rapid authentication of edible insect powders by DART/HRMS coupled to mid-level data fusion
A. Tata, S. Belluco, A. Massaro, A. Negro, M. Bragolusi, R. Piro and F. Marzoli

Strengthening agricultural circularity – the relevance of insect frass
C. Muraru, C. Derrien, M. Beiter and A. Grassi

Poster Session

Inventory and state of the art for sustainable insect production
D.A. Peguero, A. Green, S. Smetana and A. Mathys

CELLOW-FeeP Project – circular economic: live larvae recycling organic waste for rural poultry
L. Gasco, A. Schiavone, S. Cerolini, I. Biasato, V. Bongiorno, M.T. Capucchio, E. Dinuccio, I. Ferrocino, V. Moretti, D.M. Nucera, S. Bellezza Oddon, M. Renna, F. Bellagamba, G. Tedeschi and L. Zaniboni

Development of new methodologies to measure digestibility of Tenebrio molitor
F.P. Peyrichou

Susceptibility of Alphitobius diaperinus meal to infestations by major stored-product insects
M. Rigopoulou, C.I. Rumbos and C.G. Athanassiou

Awareness of chemical hazards in edible insects: toxicokinetics and toxicodynamics of Hg in mealworms
D.N. Cardoso, A. Fernandes, R.G. Morgado, M. Prodana, J. Pinto, A. Mostafaine and S. Loureiro

EntoPower: greenhouse gases emissions from Hermetia illucens larvae production
J. Andersen, C. Fischer and L.-H. Heckmann