Session 38. Computing in PLF: cloud and edge computing and smart algorithms

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Theatre Session

The shades of gray in model building and its opportunities for precision livestock farming
R. Muñoz-Tamayo

Opportunities for using computer vision and animal tracking in welfare assessment
O. Guzhva

Q&A with speakers
I. Adriaens and M. Pastell

Validation of a real-time location system for neighbour detection in dairy cow groups
N. Melzer, B. Foris and J. Langbein

Detecting behavioural patterns of cows using an automated tracking system
J. Stachowicz, F. Adrion, H. Nasser and U. Umstätter

Happy cow or thinking pig – facial recognition tool for automated welfare
S. Neethirajan and B. Kemp

SESAM sensor technology for milk producers
L.M. Dale, Z. Vassilev, J. Bieger, K. Drössler, F.J. Auer, M. Erhart, T. Hehn, T. Peikenkamp, M. Klopčič, A. Werner, Sesam Consortium and M. Hoenen

Classification of cow behaviour for sensor assisted alpine milk production
T. Peikenkamp, D. Plaia, T. Hehn, D. Gaida, M. Hoenen and A. Ule

Convolutional neuronal networks reveal promising performance in non-invasive pig weight monitoring
C. Meckbach, V. Tiesmeyer and I. Traulsen

‘It’s a long way until they STOP’ – development of a software to annotate pecking injuries in turkeys
N. Volkmann, J. Brünger, C. Zelenka, J. Stracke, R. Koch, N. Kemper and B. Spindler

Liveweight and condition score trajectories to parametrize self weighing scales in small ruminants
D. Francois, T. Dechaux, E. Doutard, S. Parisot, C. Valadier, V. Lê, N. Ardjoune, C. Morgan-Davies, L. Depuille, A. Cheype, E. Gonzalèz-Garcia, T.W.J. Keady, J.P. Hanrahan and J.M. Gautier

Poster Session

DATAMATION: DigitAl Twin AniMAl emoTIONs
S. Neethirajan and B. Kemp

Feasibility study to characterize calf auricle structure using a laser scanning method
J. Steinhoff-Wagner, J.J. Hayer, M. Blome, H. Kuhlmann and C. Holst

An open animal data platform: how open knowledge can serve the livestock and companion animal sector
T. Kuntzer, V. Link, S. Redmond, C. Beglinger and S. Rieder