Session 39. More from less-enhancing resilience and productivity from sheep and goats

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Date: 30 August 2017; 14:00 – 18:00 hours
Chairperson: O. Tzamaloukas


Theatre Session 39

More from less: reaping benefits from biology and management at all farming system levels
Invited Puillet, L.

Dairy sheep farmers cope with production and adaptation through breeding management at flock level
Perucho, L.; Lauvie, A.; Ligda, C.; Paoli, J.C.; Moulin, C.H.

Updating requirements and multiple responses to diets of dairy goats to better tackle resilience and
Sauvant, D.; Giger-Reverdin, S.

Are mixed cattle-sheep farms more sustainable than specialized farms under economic risks?
Mosnier, C.; Veysset, P.; Verdier, C.

Supplementation of natural or synthetic vitamin E on α-tocopherol concentration in lamb tissues
Leal, L.N.; Jensen, S.K.; Bello, J.M.; Den Hartog, L.A.; Hendriks, W.H.; Martín-Tereso, J.

Effect of Melatonin on Reproductive Performance in Small Ruminants
Alifa, B.; Hamrouni, A.; Najjar, A.; Djemali, M.

Effect of omega-3 fatty acids during late gestation on performance of dairy does and their kids
Habitouche, B.; Serbester, U.; Erez, I.; Kose, M.; Koluman, N.; Oztabak, K.; Gorgulu, M.

Is flushing enough for increasing the ovulation rate in Ossimi ewes?
A. El Zanouny

Effect of non genetic factors on the growth and reproduction of Nellore sheep in India

Effects of xanthosine in isoform switching and splicing patterns in goat mammary epithelial cells
Choudhary, R.K.; Li, W.; Choudhary, S.; Verma, R.; Capuco, A.V.


Posters session 39

Effects of rearing system, sex and age on the muscles fatty acid profile of Damascus goat kids
Tsiplakou, E.; Papadomichelakis, G.; Sparaggis, D.; Sotirakoglou, K.; Georgiadou, M.; Zervas, G.

Effect of photoperiod and ambient temperature on plasma testosterone concentration of Damascus bucks
Pavlou, E.; Banos, G.; Avdi, M.

Effects of diet energy source on fertility, body weight, milk yield & composition in postpartum ewes
Aldabeeb, S.; Shehab-El-Deen, M.; Al-Saiady, M.; Kamel, H.

Effect of mixed rearing system on milk yield and composition of Damascus goat
Constantinou, C.; Miltiadou, D.; Tzamaloukas, O.

Feed intake, nutrient content and digestibility of diets selected by goats grazing alfalfa and oat
Gaytán, L.R.; Mendoza, J.; Arellano, G.; De Santiago, M.A.; Contreras, V.; Mellado, M.

Innovative marketing of high quality dairy products from transhumant sheep and goat farms in Greece
Ragkos, A.; Theodoridis, A.; Zaralis, K.; Rose, G.; Lagka, V.; Arsenos, G.

The impact of climate change on the production and composition of goat milk in Northwest of Croatia
Kis, G.; Mulc, D.; Barac, Z.

Digestibility, nitrogen balance and ruminal fermentation of Korat goats fed different oils
Paengkoum, P.; Thongpea, S.; Paengkoum, S.


Change in live weigh during pregnancy influences lamb performance. Preliminary Results
Perez-Clariget, R.; Ithurralde, J.; Corrales, F.; López-Pérez, M.B.; Abud, M.J.; López-Pérez, A.; Marichal, M.J.; Bielli, A.

Reproductive response of goats joined to either well or under-fed bucks treated with testosterone
De Santiago, M.A.; Machado, G.; Lopez, A.; Contreras, V.; Gaytan, L.; Veliz, G.; Mellado, M.

Ultrasound measurements of LD muscle properties and subcutaneous fat thickness in Merino lambs
Ghita, E.; Lazar, C.; Pelmus, R.; Rotar, C.; Gras, M.; Mihalcea, T.; Ropota, M.

Milk composition variation of Saanen goats, depending on the rearing system in Romania
Zamfirescu, S.; Dobrin, N.; Jitariu, D.; Cismileanu, A.; Sava, A.; Voicu, D.; Voicu, I.

Effects of synbiotic use in creep feeding on performance of goat kids
Raksasiri, B.V.; Paengkoum, S.; Poonsuk, K.; Thitisak, P.; Paengkoum, P.

Evaluation of the performance of milk goats in Romania
Voicu, I.; Anghel, A.; Cismileanu, A.; Sava, A.; Nadolu, D.; Voicu, D.

Evaluation of out-of-season estrus induction protocols in progesterone-primed mix-breed dairy goats
Contreras-Villarreal, V.; Meza-Herrera, C.A.; Arellano-Rodriguez, G.; Delgado-Gonzalez, R.A.; Gaytan-Aleman, L.R.; Angel-Garcia, O.; Veliz-Deras, F.G.

Ruminal digestibility of Leucaena and Mulberry leaves using in sacco technique in goats
Paengkoum, P.; Thongpea, S.; Paengkoum, S.

Delivering a Breeding Scheme for the Black Thibar Sheep Breed with the Involvement of Farmers.
Hamrouni, A.; Khakifa, M.; Arjoune, A.; Ben Abddalah, I.; Najjar, A.; Djemali, M.

A study on reproductive traits of Okinawan meat goat
Oikawa, T.; Kinjyo, K.; Katoh, K.

Effect of melatonin treatment on reproduction of tunisian rams
Taboubi, R.; Rekik, M.; Ben Salem, I.