Session 40. Genetics free communications

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Date: 31 August 2017; 8:30 – 11:30 hours
Chairperson: G.F. Difford


Theatre Session 40

The future of indigenous cattle breeds of pastoralists in Benin
Tamou, C.; De Boer, I.J.M.; Ripoll-Bosch, R.; Oosting, S.J.

Native cattle breeds of Norway:Genetic- and protein polymorphism and milk coagulation properties
Inglingstad, R.A.; Mestawet, T.A.; Devold, T.G.; Vegarud, G.E.; Ulleberg, E.K.; Berg, P.; Rehnberg, A.; Sæther, N.

Mitogenome contribution of local Aurochs to the modern cattle breeds
Cubric-Curik, V.; Novosel, D.; Brajkovic, V.; Krebs, S.; Soelkner, J.; Šalamon, D.; Ristov, S.; Berger, B.; Triviziaki, S.; Bizelis, I.; Ferenčaković, M.; Rothammer, S.; Kunz, E.; Simčič, M.; Dovč, P.; Bunevski, G.; Bytyqi, H.; Marković, B.; Curik, I.; Medugorac, I.

Genome wide association study using individual milk mid-infrared (MIR) wavenumbers
Wang, Q.; Bovenhuis, H.

Polymorphism of IGF1 gene and its association with milk production traits in Holstein dairy cattle
Hosseinpour Mashhadi, M.; Golak, F.; Tabasi, N.

Improving longevity of crossbred sows in a genomic selection breeding scheme
Mouresan, E.F.; Grindflek, E.; Fikse, W.F.; Rydhmer, L.

Successful selection of rainbow trout on their ability to grow with a diet devoid of marine products
Callet, T.; Médale, F.; Surget, A.; Larroquet, L.; Aguirre, P.; Kerneis, T.; Labbé, L.; Geurden, I.; Quillet, E.; Skiba, S.; Dupont-Nivet, M.

Efficiency of different BLUP indexes accounting for polyandry in bee genetic evaluation
Gravellier, B.; Phocas, F.

Potential of pure- and crossbred Les Bleues broiler for meat production for small-scale farmers
Lambertz, C.; Wuthijaree, K.; Gauly, M.

Economic values in mink breeding derived by stochastic simulation
Gautason, K.; Sørensen, A.C.

Studies on Myostatin (GDF8) Gene in Nili Ravi Buffalo
Ali, A.; Haider, J.


Posters session 40

Genetic parameters of medullation percentage in alpacas
Cruz, A.; Morante, R.; Cervantes, I.; Burgos, A.; Gutiérrez, J.P.

CSN2 and CSN3 gene polymorphisms and their effects of milk production in Latvian local breed cows
Jonkus, D.; Petrovska, S.; Cielava, L.; Smiltina, D.

A combined approach for the estimation of recombination rate and linkage disequilibrium in half-sibs
Hampel, A.; Teuscher, F.; Wittenburg, D.

Effects of Including Founder Genomic Relationship on Genetic Parameters from a Mouse Intercross
Meng, J.; Mayer, M.; Wytrwat, E.; Reinsch, N.

Improving efficiency of parallel computing in solving very large mixed model equations
Taskinen, M.; Pitkänen, T.; Strandén, I.

False Positives structural deletions in livestock
Mielczarek, M.; Frąszczak, M.; Szyda, J.

Polymorphism of ABCG2 (A/C) gene by PCR-SSCP and sequencing in Iranian Holstein dairy cattle
Hosseinpour Mashhadi, M.

Genetic effects of VIP gene polymorphisms on reproductive traits of hen turkeys
Nikbin, S.; Hosseinpour, L.; Hedaiat, N.; Eliasi, G.

Genetic parameters of fertility and grading traits in Finnish blue fox
Kempe, R.; Strandén, I.

Genotyping of dopamine receptor D1 and somatostatin polymorphisms in Hungarian Yellow hens
Tempfli, K.; Szalai, K.; Lencses-Varga, E.; Kovacsne Gaal, K.; Bali Papp, A.

Genetic evaluation of replacement heifers and monitoring of their growth
Bakri, N.; Hamrouni, A.; Khalifa, M.; Arjoun, A.; Najjar, A.; Djemlai, M.

Genetic evaluation for lifetime production and longevity traits on Egyptian buffaloes
Khattab, A.; El- Komey, S.; Mourad, K.; Abdel Baray, W.

Family-specific analysis of whole-genome regression models in half-sibs
Klosa, J.; Wittenburg, D.

Correlated response in environmental genetic variability in two selected rabbit lines
Cervantes, I.; Piles, M.; Formoso-Rafferty, N.; Sánchez, J.P.; Gutiérrez, J.P.