Session 41. Joint EAAP/ADSA session ‘Future of housing for cattle’ – part 1

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Theatre Session

Introduction to FreeWalk housing project
A. Kuipers, U. Emanuelson, S. Koenig, J. Roosen, M. Barbari, K. Hovstad, E. Ofner-Schroeck and M. Klopčič

Dairy cattle housing, management and welfare in Switzerland
B. Wechsler

Future of dairy cattle housing from a U.S. perspective
M.I. Endres

Future of cattle housing
P.J. Galama, M.I. Endres, J.R. Sprecher, L. Leso and M. Klopcic

Lying behaviour in freewalk vs cubicle barns
W. Ouweltjes, P.J. Galama and A. Kuipers

Bedding management in compost-bedded pack and cubicle barns for dairy cows in Europe
L. Leso, P.J. Galama, I. Blanco Penedo, K. Bruegemann, A. Zentner, M. Klopčič, K.A. Hovstad and M. Barbari

Cowtoilet and bedding cleaner
H. Hanskamp and P.J. Galama

Health aspects of dairy herds in FreeWalk and cubicle housing systems
U. Emanuelson, K. Brügemann, M. Klopčič, L. Leso, W. Ouweltjes, A. Zentner and I. Blanco-Penedo

Dairy cattle welfare in two housing systems in Europe
I. Blanco-Penedo, J.T.N. Van Der Werf, K. Brügemann, E. Ofner-Schröck, L. Leso, M. Klopčič and U. Emanuelson

Animal-centric approach to mitigate heat stress – housing and management practices in Israel
I. Halachmi, H. Levit and A. Godo

Poster Session

Potential alternative bedding materials for dairy cattle
P.F. Ponciano Ferraz, L. Leso and M. Barbari