Session 41. New traits for new breeding goals

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Date: 31 August 2017; 8:30 – 11:30 hours
Chairperson:  S. König


Theatre Session 41

New breeding objectives and index development for the Australian dairy industry
Invited Pryce, J.E.; Shaffer, M.

The Efficient Dairy Genome Project: Environmental Stewardship through Genomic Selection
Invited Miglior, F.; Baes, C.B.; Canovas, A.; Coffey, M.; Connor, E.E.; De Pauw, M.; Gredler, B.; Goddard, E.; Hailu, G.; Lassen, J.; Amer, P.; Osborne, V.; Pryce, J.; Sargolzaei, M.; Schenkel, F.S.; Wall, E.; Wang, Z.; Wright, T.; Stothard, P.

Addressing feed efficiency traits in the absence of feed intake measurements
Lidauer, M.H.; Negussie, E.; Mäntysaari, P.; Mäntysaari, E.A.

Genetic parameters and SNP marker effects for metabolic diseases and stress indicators
Klein, S.-L.; Brügemann, K.; Naderi, S.; König, S.

A closer look at longevity in dairy cows: different stages – different genes
Heise, J.; Kipp, S.; Ha, N.-T.; Reinhardt, F.; Simianer, H.

Genetic evaluation of claw health traits accounting for potential preselection of cows to be trimmed
Croué, I.; Johansson, K.; Carlén, E.; Thomas, G.; Leclerc, H.; Fikse, F.; Ducrocq, V.

Health and survival of calves in Holstein: A genetic analysis
Neubert, M.; Schafberg, R.; Swalve, H.H.

The increase in body size of Holstein cows in Switzerland
Joerg, H.; Boillat, E.A.; Wenger, A.; Burren, A.