Session 42. Inclusive livestock nutrition: where we have a trade-off between performance, environmental sustainability and animal welfare

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Theatre Session

How individual sorting behaviour in dairy goats might modify dietary nutritive characteristics?
S. Giger-Reverdin, D. Sauvant and H.W. Erhard

Nutritive value of cabbage and pelleted complete feed in free-ranged organic growing rabbit
J.P. Goby, C. Bannelier and T. Gidenne

Effect of feed competition on activity and social behaviour of gestating sows
M. Durand, A. Julienne, J.Y. Dourmad and C. Gaillard

Particle sizes in faeces of sheep, goats, and steers fed on corn silage vary with NDF intake levels
E.S. Aniceto, N.M. Rohem Jr., M.A.R. Nogueira, J.G. Oliveira and R.A.M. Vieira

Silage type and Acacia mearnsii influence N metabolism of dairy cows and slurry released ammonia
G. Lazzari, A. Muenger, L. Eggerschwiler, M. Zähner, M. Kreuzer, S. Schrade and F. Dohme-Meier

Fresh herbages as forage basis for dairy cow TMR: effects on performance and rumen characteristics
D. Enriquez-Hidalgo, C. Sanchez, M. De Azevedo, S. Escobar, D.L. Teixeira and E. Vargas-Bello-Pérez

Replacing corn with bakery meal in weanling pig diets: effect on welfare and growth performance
A. Luciano, C.D. Espinosa, L. Pinotti and H.H. Stein

Effect of altering broiler diet ingredients and phytase content on nitrogen and phosphorus excretion
C.C. Mulvenna, E. Magowan, M.R. Bedford, M. Oster, H. Reyer, D. Fornara and M.E.E. Ball

Toasted faba beans as economical replacement of soybean expeller meal in organic dairy rations
L. Sobry, I. Louwagie and J. De Boever

Multispecies grazing, an alternative economic model for small scale farmers
M. Odintsov Vaintrub

Lowering crude protein in diets for late finishing pigs
V.E. Beattie, E. Ball, S. Smyth, K.J. McCracken, U. McCormack, R. Muns, F.J. Gordon, R. Bradford and E. Magowan

Alternative energy and protein components in broiler diets
S. Mueller, S. Pfulg, P. Spring and R. Zweifel

Poster Session

The use of alternative feed ingredients plus phytase on the nitrogen and phosphorus balance of pigs
C.C. Mulvenna, E. Magowan, M.R. Bedford, D. Fornara and M.E.E. Ball

Rumen fatty acids in pasture cattle supplemented with safflower or soybean, and chitosan addition
T. Fernandes, N.G. Silva, L.E.F. Oliveira, L.R. Feitosa, C.C. Silva, T.M. Souza, S.P. Alves, R.J.B. Bessa and R.H.T.B. Goes

Inclusion of whole plant green tomato on corn silage-based diets in sheep
L.E. Robles-Jimenez, A.C. Narváez López, A. Sainz Ramirez, A.J. Chay Canul, E. Vargas-Bello-Pérez and M. Gonzalez-Ronquillo

Impact of ergot alkaloid and steroid implant on protein turnover and muscle mTOR pathway of cattle
T.D. Ferguson, C.M.M. Loos, E.S. Vanzant, A.D. Bohannan, J.L. Klotz and K.R. McLeod

Nutritive value of Opuntia ficus-indica and its use in ruminant feed
C. Maduro Dias, C. Vouzela, J. Madruga and A. Borba

Study nutritional value the Eucalyptus globulus and Cryptomeria japonica in ruminant feed
H. Nunes, C. Maduro Dias and A. Borba

Effect of short-term supplementation of marine n-3 PUFA on the acute phase response of calves
S. Kamel Oroumieh, L. Van Meulebroek, R. Valizadeh, L. Vanhaecke and A.A. Naserian

Effects of corn stover on growth performance of lambs
B.S. Obeidat, H. Omoush and I. Khader

Betaine supplementation mitigates hyperthermia in heat-stressed, hypohydrated Awassi ram lambs
H. Al-Tamimi, B. Obeidat, K. Mahmoud and M. Daradka

Metabolic risk factors for impaired growth performance in intensively-fed light lambs
J. Pelegrin-Valls, B. Serrano-Pérez, D. Villalba, E. Molina, J.R. Bertolín, M. Joy and J. Alvarez-Rodriguez

Metabolic effects from severe protein reductions adjusting the amino acids supply in finishing pigs
J. Álvarez-Rodríguez, R. Dosso, L. Pérez-Ciria, F.J. Miana-Mena and M.A. Latorre

Crude protein and amino acids in finishing pig diets
M.E.E. Ball, V.E. Beattie, S. Smyth, K.J. McCracken, U. McCormack, R. Muns, R. Bradford and F.J. Gordon

Effect of genotype and diet on growth performances of broiler chickens and environmental parameters
A. Fatica, F. Fantuz, M. Wu, S. Tavaniello, G. Maiorano and E. Salimei