Session 42. Livestock transport and slaughter

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Date: 31 August 2017; 8:30 – 12:00 hours
Chairperson: S. Messori


Theatre Session 42

Transport of delight: “getting it right” in livestock transport now and in the future?
Invited Mitchell, M.A.

Animal Transport Guides: a tool box for the transport industry to comply with 1/2005
Spoolder, H.A.M.; De Roest, K.; Nalon, E.; Billiet, M.; De Briyne, N.

Fitness for transport
Cockram, M.S.

Statistics and welfare outcomes of livestock transported for slaughter in South of Italy
Tullio, D.; Carone, A.; Padalino, B.

Investigations on behavioural and thermoregulatory needs of heifers during long transport in Europe
Marahrens, M.; Von Deylen, K.

Welfare assessment of cattle at control posts
Nardoia, M.; Messori, S.; Ouweltjes, W.; Dalla Villa, P.; Pedernera, C.; Mounaix, B.; Velarde, A.

Welfare issues associated with horse slaughter: comparison between Canada and Iceland
Roy, R.C.

Australian consumer concerns about sheep and beef cattle transportation and slaughter
Buddle, E.A.; Bray, H.J.; Pitchford, W.S.; Ankeny, R.A.

Determination of effects of pre-slaughter resting periods on carcass and meat quality by DIA
Bozkurt, Y.; Saatci, M.; Elmaz, Ö.

Electrolyte and glycerol solution supply to feed deprived bulls before slaughter
Carvalho, I.P.C.; Martín-Tereso, J.

Evaluation of pig abattoir-data for animal health assessments in Germany
Gertz, M.; Krieter, J.


Posters session 42

European practices to enhance the welfare of transported pigs
Ferrari, P.; Chevillon, P.

Developing guides for good and best practices for sheep transport
Cziszter, L.T.; Moles Caselles, X.; Gavojdian, D.; Dalmau, A.