Session 43. Nutrition Free Communications

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Date: 31 August 2017; 8:30 – 12:00 hours
Chairperson: G. Savoini


Theatre Session 43

Nutrition and immunometabolic adaptations to lactation in dairy cows: role in performance and health
Loor, J.; Batistel, F.; Vailati-Riboni, M.; Zhou, Z.

The Consistency of Feed Efficiency Ranking and Efficiency Variation among Growing calves
Asher, A.; Sabtay, A.; Cohen-Zinder, M.; Miron, M.; Halachmi, I.; Brosh, A.

Neonatal nutrient supply affects pancreatic development in Holstein calves
Leal, L.N.; Hooiveld, G.J.; Soberon, F.; Berends, H.; Boekschoten, M.V.; Steele, M.A.; Van Amburgh, M.E.; Martín-Tereso, J.

Modifications in liver transcriptomic profile of fattening lambs by early suckled milk intake level
Santos, A.; Giráldez, F.J.; Groenen, M.A.M.; Madsen, O.; Frutos, J.; Valdés, C.; Andrés, S.

Mineral composition and deposition rates in the empty body of Large White pigs
Ruiz-Ascacibar, I.; Schlegel, P.; Stoll, P.; Bee, G.

Reduction of the amino acids supplied in excess to the growing pig using a precision feeding device
Quiniou, N.; Ouine, L.; Marcon, M.

Determination quali-quantitative of Feed contaminants in complementary feedingstuffs for horses.
Pellegrini, A.; Fracchiolla, M.L.; Fidani, M.; Chiofalo, V.; Agazzi, A.; Dell’orto, V.

Severe and short feed quantitative restriction affect on performance of broiler chickens
Seidavi, A.R.; Sefaty, A.; Bouyeh, M.; Mohana Devi, S.; Ho Kim, I.; Laudadio, V.; Tufarelli, V.


Posters session 43

Effect of dietary composition over food preferences in cats
Figueroa, J.; Guzmán-Pino, S.; Sotomayor, V.

Evaluation of lentil (Lens culinaris cv. Eston or cv. Anicia) as a protein source for broiler diets
Ciurescu, G.; Habeanu, M.; Pana, C.O.; Dragomir, C.

The effects of starving-refeeding diet on oxidative stress in sturgeons under aquaculture conditions
Florescu (gune), I.E.; Balas, M.; Dudu, A.; Dediu, L.; Dinischiotu, A.; Costache, M.; Georgescu, S.E.

Effect of calcium und phosphorus on growth performance and minerals status in growing-finishing pigs
Schlegel, P.; Gutzwiller, A.

Efficacy of a novel bacterial 6-phytase in grower-finisher pigs
Torrallardona, D.; Ader, P.

Residual feed intake of lactating Nellore beef cows
Canesin, R.C.; Ricci, T.J.T.; Souza, L.L.; Zorzetto, M.F.; Cyrillo, J.N.S.G.; Mercadante, M.E.Z

Can artificial lactation program the rumen methanogenic microbiota?
Belanche, A.; Cook, J.; Newbold, C.J.

Effect of Saccharomyces cerevisiae boulardii on weanling piglets performance in reduced medication
Agazzi, A.; Bontempo, V.; Savoini, G.; Bravo De Laguna, F.

Bromide intake via water and urinary excretion rates in a ruminant model
Casey, N.H.; Reijnders, B.; Myburgh, J.G.

SiMMinTM: on line software tool to simulate copper balance in feeding programs of pigs
Romeo, A.; Durosoy, S.; Dourmad, J.-Y.

Dietary SOD-rich melon on hepatic gene expression of antioxidant proteins in piglets and broilers
Agazzi, A.; Invernizzi, G.; Ahasan, A.S.M.L.; Farina, G.; Longo, R.; Barbé, F.; Crestani, M.; Dell’orto, V.; Savoini, G.

Animal and run variation for rumen degradation determined with the in situ method
Lacombe, S.; Dijkstra, J.; Jacobs, M.; Doorenbos, J.; Van Laar, H.

Preservation and nutritive value of mixed silages of fodder beets and by-products
De Boever, J.L.; Dupon, E.; De Campeneere, S.; Latré, J.

Effect of additional oat feeding on the ewe body condition and production in organic farms
Piirsalu, P.; Kaart, T.; Samarütel, J.; Tölp, S.; Nutt, I.

The effect of fusarium mycotoxins on performance and metabolism of early lactation dairy cows
Mckay, Z.C.; Averkieva, O.; Borutova, R.; Taweel, H.Z.; Dunne, J.; Rajauria, G.; Pierce, K.M.

Effects of mixed cassava pulp and Napier Pakchong grass as alternative feedstuff in laying hen diets
Khempaka, S.; Omura, T.; Sirisopapong, M.; Khimkem, A.; Pasri, P.; Chaiyasit, S.; Okrathok, S.; Molee, W.

Digestibility of different sources of plant protein in growing pigs
Uriarte, J.M.; Guemez, H.R.; Romo, J.A.; Barajas, R.; Romo, J.M.; Lopez, N.A.

Expression of recombinant delta 6 desaturase from Nile tilapia in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Boonanuntanasarn, S.; Jaengprai, A.

Working out a lactic acid bacterium Lactobacillus plantarum TAK 59 NCIMB 42150 based silage additive
Märs, K.; Olt, A.; Ots, M.; Songisepp, E.

Supplementation of different levels of urea to sheep fed low quality Eragrostis curvula hay
Mynhardt, H.; Erasmus, L.J.; Van Niekerk, W.A.; Coertze, R.J.

Synchronisation of energy and protein supply in sheep fed low quality Eragrostis curvula hay
Mynhardt, H.; Van Niekerk, W.A.; Erasmus, L.J.; Coertze, R.F.

Effect of prepartum dietary cation – anion difference (DCAD) on dairy cows performance.
Metwally, H.M.; El-Mashed, S.H.M.; Gado, H.M.; Salama, A.M.; Abd Elhairth, H.

Variation in feed intake of 6 months bull calves fed various types of feeds and rations
Vestergaard, M.; Bjerring, M.

Reflection of feeding biological treated corn stalks on growing rabbits
Abedo, A.A.; El Kady, R.I.; El Shahat, A.A.; Abo Sedera, S.A.; El-Nattat, W.S.; Morad, A.A.A.

Effect of dietary replacement soybean meal by defatted flaxseed meal on growth performance.
El-Nomeary, Y.F.; Ibrahim,, S.; El Allawy, H.; Bakry, M.H.

Effects of anaerobic probiotic on ruminal fermentation and performance of growing lambs
Gado, H.M.; Hassan, A.A.; Salem*, A.Z.M.; Mosa, H.